Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth

Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth

While telehealth grows in popularity among consumers, it remains difficult for physicians and healthcare systems to offer these services, due to the uncertainty regarding reimbursements. This is especially true when it comes to Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth. Understanding the way that reimbursements work through the various payers is essential for getting physicians to embrace telehealth. …

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Commercial payer reimbursement for telehealth

Commercial payer reimbursement for telehealth

Telehealth is rapidly gaining popularity as more and more people are embracing the idea of remote healthcare. In fact, many consumers are beginning to prefer telemedicine over in-person visits. This also causes challenges with getting reimbursed, especially with commercial payer reimbursement for telehealth. Not only do telehealth visits make seeking healthcare easier for most consumers, it …

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Security risks with telehealth

What are the security risks with telehealth?

In order to still be able to provide care to patients without exposing them to COVID-19, healthcare providers are flocking towards telehealth during the COVID-19 global pandemic. It allows patients to receive healthcare consultations and check-ups from the safety of their own homes while limiting the potential exposure of COVID-19 to both patients and healthcare …

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telehealth in crisis management

Telehealth in crisis management

In recent years, telehealth services have grown in output and scope, providing areas of natural disasters or severely contagious diseases with the means to sustain care and function day-to-day. Telehealth in crisis management has become instrumental in helping providers respond faster. For example, during Houston’s Hurricane Harvey, telehealth professionals from Access Physicians assisted many hospitals …

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5 best tablets for telehealth

5 best tablets for telehealth

As soon as laptops made their way to the market, they stirred a storm. People loved them due to their portability. Tablets become very popular with telehealth due to their mobility. This post will review the 5 best tablets for telehealth that are easily available today. Tablets are an excellent investment for anyone who requires …

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wireless headsets for telehealth

Best wireless headsets for telehealth

Wireless headsets for telehealth have become a necessity as providers are practicing remotely. To offer voice clarity during conference calls and meetings, it is crucial to have a good quality headset that will have your back.  The market is brimming with brands claiming the best headsets; however, there is a criteria you need to follow …

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5 best laptops for telehealth

5 best laptops for telehealth

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the 5 best laptops for telehealth that you can easily purchase right now. We live in a world of technology, and laptops are an essential part of our lives. Although smartphones are taking over at a remarkable pace, we still require laptops for most of our tasks, like teleconferencing, note …

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external microphones for telehealth

Best external microphones for telehealth

A microphone has been a vital hardware component of computers ever since the voice chat feature was introduced. With time, microphones have evolved from a boring mic attached to a headphone to proper stand-alone microphones with various features. This post goes over the best external microphones for telehealth so you can effectively practice remotely. Best external …

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business associate agreement

What is a Business Associate Agreement?

If you are a healthcare provider looking to expand your services into the growing world of telehealth options, it is extremely important that you are up to speed on the best practices in order to follow HIPAA regulations in addition to knowing the specific requirements for telehealth. One of those requirements is a Business Associate …

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Cyber issues with telehealth

Managing cyber issues with telehealth

Telehealth is more popular than ever and it is helping connect patients with healthcare services and providers like never before, no matter where they live and what services they were traditionally left out of from living in an underserved community. But sadly, hackers and cyber security threats are also more popular and smarter than ever …

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Reducing liability with telehealth

Reducing liability with telehealth

Malpractice is something no healthcare provider likes to say out loud or even think about which is why we are covering reducing liability with telehealth. But, the truth is, it is a reality of working in the medical field and we must be prepared for any malpractice claims, allegations or lawsuits. With the growing popularity …

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Understanding telehealth informed consent

As telehealth becomes a more popular and available method of healthcare, especially during COVID-19, we want to provide a guide of resources for healthcare professionals navigating the sometimes un-chartered waters of telemedicine. In this article we will go over what you need to know when it comes to telehealth informed consent.  What is telehealth informed …

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best webcams with microphones for telehealth

5 best webcams with microphones for telehealth

Video chats are on a high nowadays as the majority of the people are working from home, especially when it comes to telehealth. Even if you’re working in an office, webcams with microphones have become a necessity of life. But that’s not it; today, webcams are also used for group calls between friends and family …

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Telehealth risks and challenges

Telehealth is a rapidly growing means of healthcare. It allows people to seek healthcare and health guidance from anywhere, without physically going to see a doctor. Patients are connected with a physician through means of electronic communication which presents many telehealth risks and challenges.  Many physicians use telehealth in their practice, while the majority of …

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Telehealth licensing and credentialing

As we see more and more physicians turn to telemedicine to help their patients gain access to healthcare services, there are still quite a few obstacles such as telehealth licensing and credentialing that must be navigated by healthcare providers when it comes to telemedicine. When a provider fails to follow the laws they can find …

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What are the benefits of telehealth for providers?

Telehealth, the ability to meet with a medical provider virtually, is becoming increasingly popular due to advancements in technology. We’re also seeing a rise in telehealth during the global pandemic of COVID-19, as people become more wary about leaving their homes and increasing their odds of exposure to the virus. The benefits of telehealth for …

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