Best Lab Coats For Telehealth

    Looking to find the best lab coats for telehealth? Well, not to worry anymore! We have compiled a list of best options for you to consider. Telehealth is becoming popular with every passing day. Also, during the pandemic, telehealth is becoming more essential. Not with time, healthcare professionals are discouraging a one on one appointment. Instead, the virtual scheme is becoming a major source. 

    In the world of telemedicine, you are at ease not wearing the lab coat all the time. But have you ever seen a doctor without a lab coat? Sounds not so satisfying, right? Telemedicine is bringing comfort to the field of medicine and making the lives of the doctor a lot easier. 

    The benefit of telemedicine is priceless during the time of the pandemic. You can now talk to your doctor over the phone for various issues, which is great if you are unable to visit a doctor. However, wearing a lab coat is a ritual that one cannot ditch.

    Below we have compiled the list of best lab coats for telehealth that you must check. You can check out the list of both men’s lab coat and women’s lab coats compiled in the list. You can decide which one of the best lab coats for telehealth is right for you.

    Best Lab Coats For Women

    1. CHEROKEE Women’s Scrubs 32″ Cuffed Sleeve Lab Coat

    Looking for a stylish white lab coat? Well, not to worry. Here is the women’s lab coat with 32 inches that comes with the full sleeve and makes from a comfortable material. 

    The life of healthcare professionals is a lot hectic, and in that hectic lifestyle, they need to look a comfortable lab coat to comfort them. This Cherokee women lab coat is the best idea for the doctors and other scientific professionals who need a high-quality and soft lab coat. 

    The material of the lab coat consists of cotton and polyester material. The fine blend of these two materials makes this white scrub more long lasting and comfortable. Both the design and material propelled this to the list of best lab coats for telehealth.

    You can wash it in the washing machine, and comes with the button down closure to provide you with the ultimate comfort. This lab coat comes with the cuffed sleeves and also has a pocket with ample space; this pocket with ample space will let you keep the tools, notebook, and stethoscope in the pocket. 


    • This lab coat provides a perfect fit 
    • It is comfortable 
    • Has a perfect blend of material 
    • It fits well and also comfortable 


    The cuffed sleeves can be a little uncomfortable

    2. Healing Hands Women’s Lab Coat

    Another one of the top quality and highly comfortable lab coat made for the health care professionals who put in a lot of effort all day long. Comfortable lab coats are really important. Therefore you need to look for a lab coat that is made from a breathable material. 

    This lab coat is made from rayon, polyester, and spandex material. This high-quality lab coat has a length of 35.5 inches, which is great. There are two pockets also available that have ample space to keep various tools. 

    This incredibly comfortable lab coat is the perfect choice for health care professionals. There is a collar as well for better support. The lab coat with a blend of different materials makes this lab coat a lot more durable. The durability helped make it to the list of best lab coats for telehealth.


    • High-quality material 
    • A perfect blend of material 
    • Durable and comfortable 
    • Relevant length and appropriate fitting 


    Nothing to mention 

    3. Barco Women’s Lab Coat

    This another one of the women’s lab coat that has a lot to offer. This Barco Lab coat that is 34 inches long and made from polyester and cotton material. The dual blend, durable material, is just perfect for you to have the ultimate comfort. 

    This lab coat also comes with five pockets. These pockets have ample space that you want. You can easily store all the necessary tools, stethoscope, notepad, pens, and others with ample space. This extra space helped make this product to the best lab coats for telehealth list.

    This is a machine washable and just the perfect choice if comfort is your priority. The Barco lab coat has a shape retention construction that will not dull down easily. Also, the non-yellowing material of the lab coat makes this Barco lab coat the ideal option. 


    • The quality is perfect 
    • The material is a perfect blend of polyester and cotton 
    • Back belt available 


    The size is a little big

    Best Lab Coats For Men’s

    1. Utopia Wear Professional Lab Coat For Men

    Looking for a multi-function lab coat that is made from top-quality material? This lab coat for men is appropriate for healthcare professionals, and the students enrolled in chemistry, physics, and biology classes. The professional appeal of this made it to the best lab coats for telehealth list.

    This lab coat is perfect for telehealth professionals. It is made from polyester and cotton material that makes the lab coat a lot more breathable and durable. This comfortable lab coat is perfect with all the other features, including the pockets and the buttoned closure. This is a 41-inch lab coat that is stitched properly. This durable lab coat is comfortable and easy to wash. It is s one size fit all lab coat. 


    • Perfectly stitched 
    • High-quality material 
    • Pockets available with ample space 


    Sizes are a little off 

    2. Dickies Everyday Unisex Lab Coat

    The next lab coat for the men is another high-quality lab coat that is 40 inches long. This high-quality lab coat is made from polyester and cotton material that enhances the durability and makes it long-lasting. This lab coat is a non-yellowing lab coat with the perfect stitching.  The best lab coats for telehealth have durable material that is high quality.

    There are three pockets in total. One of these pockets is placed at the chest while the other pockets are on the bottom of the 41 inches long lab coat. This is a multifunctional lab coat that is perfect for various people, including health care professionals, telehealth professionals, students of the college, and university. 

    You can wash this lab coat in the washing machine very easily. Also, it is a unisex lab coat that is perfect for both men and women. Also, button-down closure is great. 


    • It is a comfortable material 
    • The Dickies lab coat is long-lasting 
    • It is easy to wash 
    • This lab coat fits well 


    Be careful about the sizes 

    3. White Swan Lab Coat

    Mens telehealth lab coat

    The last option for the men lab coat is made from cotton and polyester material. This a comfortable unisex lab coat that is perfect for both men and women. The classic 40 inches, the knee-length lab coat, is of great quality as well. 

    It is a comfortable lab coat that offers you custom embroidery as well. For the doctors, who want to have the lab coat, this White Swan lab coat is a perfect choice. It’s a great choice if you are looking for the best lab coats for telehealth.

    There are three pockets in total, where one is placed on the chest and two pockets placed at the bottom. This lab coat is unique and incredibly stitched for the long term and durable use. This is a classic lab coat that is perfect and best for telehealth professionals. No doubt, based on the quality, fit, and material, this lab coat is the best lab coat for telehealth. 


    • It is perfect to fit. 
    • This lab coat offers a custom embroidered lab coat. 
    • It is of great quality and comfortable. 


    Nothing to mention 

    Buying Guide: Best Lab Coats For Telehealth

    What is the lab coat?

    A particular and specific garment that is specially made for doctors or paramedical staff. The individuals who are also a part of any scientific program also need to wear a lab coat. It is a white coat that works as a protective layer of clothing. It is usually knee-length and comes with buttons. Most of the best lab coats for telehealth are made from cotton blend material and has a pocket so that you can have his notebook with him.

    Why does the doctor need to wear a lab coat?

    There are various reasons why health professionals need to wear a lab coat. Below are some of the reasons that you should know.

    • The lab coat is a protective layer of clothing that will provide you protection from the body fluids.
    • These lab codes are incredible in terms of functionality. You get an incredible spaced pocket with every lab coat for you to keep your notebook and your pen. The Other Health Care professionals can also keep their stethoscope or the oximeter in the pocket. There is ample space for other useful tools as well. The best lab coats for telehealth have a lot of functionality.
    • The white lab coat is a signature piece of clothing that conveys a message. It shows professionalism and education. The doctors prefer wearing it to convey a message to the patients.

    How to choose the best lab coat for telehealth?


    There are various factors that you must consider when you are getting the lab coat. Some of the main features include durability. Ensure the lab coat you choose is durable enough to last you for a long time. Comfort is another very important factor which is a main criteria to make it to the best lab coats for telehealth list.


    The comfort is one thing that will make you love the lab coat even more. Healthcare professionals have a long duty, and during that long duty, they do not want to wear an uncomfortable lab coat. The best lab coats for telehealth are not uncomfortable, they are easy to wear.

    When looking for the lab coat, the material also enhances comfort. Usually, the lab coat is made from cotton blend material, which is important. When the lab coat is made from a comfortable material, it is easier for you to wear it for a longer time. Also, the collar that is attached to the lab coat needs to be comfortable as well. The wider it is, the better it will be for comfort. 


    You must also check the length of the lab coat. Based on your height, you should look for a lab coat that is around knee length. Usually, the length varies from 36 inches to 42 inches. There are some of the people who also wear the lab coat between 25 to 28 inches.


    Moreover, you should look for a lab coat that has a button-down closure. Zip closure might not work the best for you.

    Are disposable lab coats effective?

    Disposable lab coats are effective for the time of the pandemic. Everyone is taking their best care, and Healthcare professionals are also working their best. However, for telemedicine or telehealth, the disposable lab coats might not work the best.

    Final Thoughts

    When looking for the lab coats for the telehealth professionals, one must be careful about choosing the best option. Even though telehealth and telemedicine do not require the health care professional to contact the patient or have a one on one meeting but still, for the sake of your profession, one needs to have a lab coat. There are a lot of different options that are available to choose from. The above list will provide you the best option for both men and women.

    You can choose the perfect choice that will help you out in determining which lab coat is appropriate for you. Especially the health care professional needs a lab coat, but in the case of telehealth and telemedicine, the scenario is a little different. Make sure you choose a comfortable lab coat that lasts you a long time. The above best lab coats for telehealth will provide you just the right objective to look for. Read more reviews at

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