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Real-time use cases


Sports trainers/sports medicine 
With 30 million children participating in sports each year, and 3.5 experiencing injury, having an on-call orthopedist provides not only immediate triage and support but peace of mind for parents, schools, and athletic leagues. It’s typically not feasible for an Orthopedic Surgeon to be on-call for every game, so a virtual clinical assessment provides a cost-effective alternative for the student-athlete. 

ER virtual consults 
Having an on-call specialist for hospital emergency departments is an especially difficult undertaking for the rural community hospital. That’s exactly where telehealth can bring together an orthopedist in a secondary consult with an emergency room team. Not only can the orthopedic on-call provide care when a hospital lacks proper resources, but they can also alleviate some of the burdens of on-call for the employed orthopedist. With 74% of rural ER’s struggling with call coverage, telehealth brings together the right resources to support these facilities.