Maine Private Pay & Parity Rules

 Private Pay & Parity Rules / Posted 6 months ago by Telehealthist

“Telehealth,” as it pertains to the delivery of health care services, means the use of interactive real-time visual and audio or other electronic media for the purpose of consultation and education concerning and diagnosis, treatment, care management and self-management of an enrollee’s physical and mental health and includes real-time interaction between the enrollee and the telehealth provider, synchronous encounters, asynchronous encounters, store and forward transfers and telemonitoring. “Telehealth” does not include the use of audio-only telephone, facsimile machine, e-mail or texting.

A carrier offering a health plan in this State may not deny coverage on the basis that the health care service is provided through telehealth if the health care service would be covered if it was provided through in-person consultation between an enrollee and a provider.

Coverage for health care services provided through telehealth must be determined in a manner consistent with coverage for health care services provided through in-person consultation. If an enrollee is eligible for coverage and the delivery of the health care service through telehealth is medically appropriate, a carrier may not deny coverage for telehealth services.