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A few years ago, an oximeter was not a common gadget in every household. Due to specific respiratory tract problems, it has triggered extensive use of oximeters to calculate blood oxygen saturation. Some of you might not have recognized the name because of its lack of use, but you all must have heard of a stethoscope or thermometer before. This article will cover the best bluetooth pulse oximeter available.

The function of the oximeter is precisely like a thermometer, which reads out the body temperature. Pulse oximetry works by clipping on your finger so that they can put different wavelengths of light to know the oxygen saturation level inside your body. Certain conditions require the use of the oximeter more frequently. The best bluetooth pulse oximeter will help with this.

  • The oximeter can be used for lung cancer to keep track of your blood oxygen.
  • Different cardiovascular diseases also cause a lack of oxygen in the body. 
  • Asthma also is a problem of the lungs and can decrease the oxygen level in your body. 
  • Anemia and pneumonia are also conditions that can require the use of oximeters. 
  • Diseases like congestive heart failure may also need an oximeter. Name the most common diseases copd, and it will also require its use. 
  • Some people are also suggested to keep track of their blood oxygen saturation level after surgery; it is often done during surgery. 

The best part about using an oximeter is that it is not invasive and does not put any cut on your finger. Still, it only uses different wavelengths to determine the blood oxygen saturation level. Review the options we found for the best bluetooth pulse oximeter to choose from.

1. Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

best bluetooth pulse oximetry Telehealthist

This health tree product is a Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter, which nowadays is very extensively used for testing oxygen saturation in the blood. This monitor is compatible with both Apple and Android. It is engineered to give the readings in only 5 seconds. It can provide very accurate results even when you are moving your body frequently. The measuring range of pH is between 0.2 % to 20%. The measuring range of spo2 is between 0 to 100%. To show the Visual results, it has a pulse bar graph and plasma graph waveform.  This feature makes it one of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter available.

This waveform can indicate a regular week or incorrect heartbeat if you have it in case. This graph can be seen on your mobile phone screen for the Bluetooth connection. The oximeter comes with an LED display screen, which can be used to read all the results. This oximeter comes with a one-button operation, which makes it very easy to use. Moreover, to save energy, it has an auto power-off system that turns it off after 5 seconds. The intended use of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter device is to check the Heartbeat and oxygen saturation of athletes and sports performers. 

Different Sports like cycling and running require frequent checkups of oxygen saturation, and this device can help a lot. The device comes with a battery life of about 30 hours, which is quite long. The recommended finger size for this oximeter is adult finger size. The dimensions of this oximeter is 4 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches. This oximeter weighs around 3.53 ounces and is very easy and portable to carry around. To turn on this oximetry, you will require two AAA batteries.


  • Easy to use the application on the App Store.
  • Data reading is displayed in graph form
  • Keep the history data saved.
  • It has an included alarm system
  • Works with both IOS and Android


  • Many customers have complained that Bluetooth does not connect.

2. Wellvue Fingertip Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

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This device by Wellue is an accurate and professional device that can be used to read your blood oxygen saturation through the fingertip. This device can measure your oxygen saturation pulse rate and pulse strength in only 8 seconds. It comes with an automatic turn-off feature, which saves a lot of battery. The application which is used with this oximeter is free of cost, and it is compatible with both Android and IOS. Using this oximeter, you can automatically collect the data and then store the history. 

This application can keep track of your oxygen saturation level because you have stored your data. You can check your data at any time using the application. It only synchronizes the data when the application is opened. It also comes with built-in memory, which can store 12 previous results of O2 level and Pulse rate. With this facility, you can quickly check your last twelfth previous results by only clicking once. It also has audible and visual alerts when there is something wrong. This is one of the features that makes it one of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter to consider.

When your oxygen saturation level or pulse rate becomes abnormal, the device will automatically make beep sounds. Moreover, the screen will show the exceeded limit of the value. This oximeter device comes with a few accessories, including two batteries and a pouch, which makes it easier to carry this oximeter.


  • Comes with a big LED screen
  • Free application that can be downloaded on both IOS and Android.
  • Has an alert feature with sound
  • Comes with included accessories


Some customers are facing issues while connecting with the phone.

3. Wellvue Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Saturation Monitor

bluetooth pulse oximeters

This device by Wellvue can provide very accurate and reliable results. The manufacture of this device, Wellue, has guaranteed that this automatic and give accurate results while measuring your blood oxygen saturation and Pulse rate. This device can also read your pulse strength and pulse waveform. This device comes with a large LED screen to display all of these readings, which lets you check the reserves quickly. In case of any abnormal reading, the device has special features to show warning signs.  This feature makes it one of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter to choose from.

The abnormal value that arrives on display will flash the screen. Must keep an eye on your blood oxygen saturation level and Pulse rate. This device comes with an application that is free to download for both Android and IOS. The application allows you to record your data. And store all the readings for up to to 10 hours. The application only records your data while recording the application is learning. 

It shows the graphical representation of your readings so that you can analyze them better. This device is made very user friendly and can be used easily. All you have to do is wear it on your finger and turn on the device by pressing a single button. Variable sizes of the finger can adjust with this finger probe. The manufacture of included accessories, including two batteries, also offers a whole year warranty. Not all of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter in this article has batteries available.


  • The device offers accurate and perfect body readings.
  • Comes within the LED display, which allows easy e-reading of your results
  • Allows different finger sizes to adjust.
  • Has good value for money


  • It does not come with included batteries

4. Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

best bluetooth oximetry Telehealthist

This oximeter is made to calculate the blood oxygen saturation level with ultimate accuracy. It is a fingertip pulse oximeter during these days of covid-19 necessary to calculate your oxygen saturation level in the blood. This device can get users and only 5 seconds. The range of spo2 measurement is from 0 to 100%.

It can be used to calculate oxygen level, heart rate, and perfusion index of your blood. The readings of your blood are shown on the oximeter monitor on the LED display for easy checking. 

You can also use the mobile application to get the graph form of the readings. The device can also guide about abnormal or irregular readings by showing on the mobile application. It has an adjustable brightness so that you can use it accordingly in the Indoor and outdoor environment. The ease of use makes this one of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter to choose from. This device is effortless to operate as it only needs a one button press. Moreover, it can auto shut off in only five seconds to save the battery for further use. 

Different Sports like climbing, cycling, and running involve frequent checking of blood oxygen saturation. It requires efficient and reliable oximeters, and this oximeter is the perfect choice for this task. The return policy makes it one of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter to choose from. The manufacturer accepts returns within 30 days and receives a full refund in case of any e reason, but the product must be undamaged. The manufacturer also offers a one year warranty regarding quality-related issues.


  • Has a large LED screen for a clear display
  • The manufacturer is offering a 30 days refund in case of any dislike. 
  • Works accurately
  • Good value for money. 


  • Customer complaints that the Bluetooth would not connect to the phone.

5. iHealth Air Wellness Pulse Oximeter

best bluetooth pulse ox Telehealthist

This Bluetooth oximetry can accurately calculate your blood oxygen saturation, but it is not intended for medical use. You can connect it with an application that is available on both IOS and Android phones. The application allows you to see a graphical representation of the breedings. This product can be turned on by using two batteries. The features on this product make it one of the best bluetooth pulse oximeter to choose from. It has a long battery life and can read blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and Pulse rate.

This product is very portable and has BlueTooth smart Technology. It is FDA approved and very sensitive for small results. The peak wavelengths used in this device are 660 nanometres / 880 nanometres. There is various quality trade measuring ranges in this device. It weighs only 8.11 ounces, and the product dimensions are 7.28 x 4.53 x 6.11 inches. This product requires one lithium-ion battery to function.


  • Large LED display provides easy to read results.
  • Has a long-running battery life
  • It can work for both IOS and Android. 


  • Few customers complain that it gives inaccurate readings.

Buying Guide: Best Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

There are a few aspects that you must consider before purchasing an oximeter for your personal use. This will cover the considerations when we were evaluating the best bluetooth pulse oximeter.


You must check that the screen of the oximeter is large enough to easily read the results. You can also make sure that how many colors the screen shows. Sometimes only one color is provided in the LED display. This is one of the considerations when selecting the best bluetooth pulse oximeter. There are also led there available in four different colors.

Display Style: 

You must also check what kind of display is given in your oximeter. There is an oximeter available with four kinds of rotating views. While other oximeters are either facing the caregiver or facing the patient. The display style is an important consideration when evaluating the best bluetooth pulse oximeter. While there are oximeters that are facing both caregiver and patient.

Colour Of The Body 

There are different colors available in oximeter is. If you’re using the oximeter for children, you must take cute baby colors like pink and Sky. Others over people can choose black and white because that’s the most decent color.

Auto Turn Off

Make sure that the device turns off after sitting idle for so long. Almost all of the devices come with auto on-off feature except a few only.


Now check if the device you are planning to choose offers an alarm feature or not. Most of the devices provide an alarm feature to alert you in case of any inaccuracy and problem.


Various questions can come up in your mind while you’re purchasing an oximeter.

Will the device work on two differently sized patients who have either large or very small finger sizes?

Yes, the device will provide an accurate result for different finger sizes as it has enabled it to attach to the finger no matter the size. Most of the devices come with a built-in capacity to accommodate a wide range of thicknesses.

Does the oximeter allow you to know if the finger isn’t properly placed?

Most devices do not let you know if the finger is placed correctly, but few devices are made with better technology to tell you that the finger is in place properly.

Does the oximeter cause any environmental hazards or not?

Almost all of the oximeters are tested to be lead-free and cannot harm you on getting exposed to this oximeter. It is found that manufacturers make several oximeters that have lead and other severe content to harm the environment and you.

Review the best bluetooth pulse oximeter article as well as other insights from

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