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Now that you have a patient consent form for your telemedicine program, decide how you’ll build it into your workflow. Will you talk to patients about the option of telemedicine appointments during an in-office visit? If so, you may want to have them sign the form while they’re there. You could also have patients mail in the form before their first visit. 

If you’d prefer to do everything electronically, you could share the form electronically and ask patients to send back a scan or photo of the signed copy for your records. If you are only getting verbal consent, share the form with your patients so that you can review the guidelines together, and then document their consent in their patient record. 

There are many different ways to build this step into your telemedicine workflow. Think about what works best for your practice. Even if it’s not a legal requirement in your state, consider making it a part of your policy so that patients are on the same page when it comes to telemedicine.