Colorado Podiatry Board

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    The Colorado Podiatry Board was instituted as part of the Podiatrists Practice Act in order to regulate the practice of podiatry in Colorado.The Board ensures that licensed professionals are acting in accordance with the standards of care as outlined in the Podiatrists Practice Act. Licensure is mandatory to practice podiatric medicine or perform podiatric surgery in Colorado or to treat Colorado patients.

    The Podiatry Board is a Type I Board, meaning that it is policy autonomous and made up of professional and public members (four podiatrists and one public member). The decisions made by the Podiatry Board are not subject to administrative review. The Podiatry Board does not have the authority to arbitrate or adjudicate fee disputes.

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    1560 Broadway Ste 1350 Denver, CO 80202-5146US - Colorado,80202-5146 303-894-7887 https://www.colorado.gov/dora/podiatry