Office of Health Care Assurance

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    The mission of the Department of Health is to protect and improve the health and environment for all people in Hawai`i .


    Health, that optimal state of physical, mental, social and environmental well-being, is a right and responsibility of all of Hawaii’s people.


    • Promote health and well-being
    • Prevent disease and injury
    • Promote healthy lifestyles and workplaces
    • Promote the strength and integrity of families and communities

    To prevent pollution and promote and preserve a clean, healthy and natural environment

    • Promote resource conservation (recycling)
    • Protect and enhance air and water quality

    To assure basic physical and mental health care (the five A’s)

    • Affordable
    • Appropriate
    • Assured quality
    • Available
    • Accessible
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    Contact details

    601 Kamokila Boulevard, Room 361 Kaplei, HIUS - Hawaii,96707 808/692-7400 https://health.hawaii.gov/about/mission-statement/