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Reviews5 Best Monitors For Telehealth

5 Best Monitors For Telehealth

The healthcare industry is facing many concerns right now. Amongst this, the patient’s satisfaction lies at the top. Professionals are trying their best to resolve all the problems and ensure the satisfaction of patients. In this need of the hour, telehealth has played a vital role. But when it comes to telehealth, proper equipment matters the most! This article covers the 5 best monitors for telehealth.

But have you ever thought what’s the most important out of all equipment! A telehealth monitor might be the answer, and there are various reasons for this fact. Communication is not a thing until you have visual interaction. Also, to diagnose and treat, monitors play a role in medical evaluation. 

But why are these telehealth monitors so special? Is there anything that makes them distinct? 

These monitors offer an HD quality and a sharp display. Their display is designed to showcase the user-interface of medical software. Moreover, their durability is of significant concern! You cannot rely on low quality in case of emergencies.

Keeping in mind all this, it can be a tricky one to get the right deal. But worry no more! We’ve got you the 5 best monitors for telehealth. Every product on the list is chosen as per the expert’s recommendation. Let’s find out more in detail! 

1. BenQ 24-Inch IPS Monitor:


IPS Display:

You might need to get an insight into patient’s reports in telemedicine! This BenQ monitor has a 24-inch IPS display and an HD widescreen fits into the situation. Moreover, 250 nits of brightness will reduce the glare and bring clarity to the picture. This product made it to the top of the list for 5 best monitors for telehealth.

Wide Angle View:

Sitting in front of the monitor is not always the choice! Having a wide-angle of view lets you relax a bit on the chair. Get clarity from any angle with a 178-degrees wide-angle.

Edge to Edge:

An ultra-slim bezel might be another reason for you to buy this monitor. It’ll not only save some space on your desk but brings a modern touch. Moreover, a seamless multi-panel configuration will offer an elegant look.

Adaptive Technology:

The telehealth sector might require you to sit in front of the monitor for hours. Hence, an adaptive brightness feature is what you need! It can automatically adjust the brightness and blue light as per need. Zero-flicker technology makes it easier for your eyes. Therefore, worry no more about the eye strain and headache with this BenQ IPS monitor. This is a great option to put into consideration when choosing one of the 5 best monitors for telehealth.

Cable Management:

Integrated cable management gives a tidy look overall. It will reduce the mess around by hiding the cables neatly inside the stand.


  • VESA wall mount
  • Zero-flicker
  • Slim Bezel Design
  • 1080P IPS display


  • Brightness a little higher for some

2. ASUS VS248H-P 24″ HD Monitor:


Slim Design:

Asus has 24-inches complete display comes along with a slim design. It offers you a 1920×1080 resolution bringing you much more clarity in picture quality. Along with it comes a smart view of technology, which can automatically adjust the color and brightness. The slim design helped make this to the list of 5 best monitors for telehealth.

Quick Response:

Telehealth workers need a quick response time for an improved experience! ASUS is famous for its monitors with a fast response time. That’s where ASUS VS248H-P comes into matter. It has a 2ms GTG response time to reduce the tracers.

Optimize Video:

ASUS brings another splendid feature into the list, i.e., Video Intelligence. Hence, from bringing clarity to sharpness in the video, this monitor does it all! It can seamlessly adjust the brightness, color, and contrast as per the dynamic range.

Contrast Ratio:

ASUS VS248H-P covers the full dynamic range with ASCR! Bringing you the 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio, this monitor can improve the display and bring life-like images to your screen. In the telehealth sector, this display serves importance in evaluating the reports of patients. This improved display helped make it to the list of 5 best monitors for telehealth.


ASUS has become an all-time favorite for telehealth workers. One of such reasons for this fact is its flexibility in operations. 

You can connect multiple peripherals with a range of inputs, including HDMI, D-Sub, DVI-D, and more. 


  • Automatic brightness
  • No ghosting
  • Dynamic contrast ratio
  • Built-in power adapter


  • Tight viewing angle

3. SAMSUNG 23.5″ Curved Monitor:


Immersive View:

Samsung presents you with the 23.5-inches curved LED monitor. It brings a modern touch and much ease in viewing angles with 1800R curvature. It offers a big and bold view on your screen in a breeze. No matter you’re buying this for home or office, this CF396 delivers an enjoyable viewing experience. The curved shape resembling the human eye curvature is the new addition to this Samsung. This unique curved feature helped make this product to the 5 best monitors for telehealth.


Sleek profiles for this Samsung 23.5″ Monitor will help you save some space on your desk. It’s only 0.5″ thick, and its curved design with circular stand offers convenience. Add a modern look to your office place with this Samsung monitor.

AMD FreeSync:

Never miss a detail on your screen as it’s an essential consideration in the health sector. There’ll be no more image tearing and latency issues for this monitor. Get a fast on-screen motion utilizing the 4ms response time and smoothen the video quality. Enjoy less blur and more clarity.

Eye Saver Mode:

Blue light emissions can be harmful to your health! Eye saver mode will not only optimize the quality but reduce the eye strain. Just click a single button, and the screen will be flicker-free!

Brilliant Picture Contrast:

An excellent contrast ratio is up next in the features list! You’ll be better able to visualize the whites and blacks in the picture utilizing the 3000:1 contrast ratio. Samsung’s Active Crystal technology works alongside so that you can have a stunning view. The contrast option was one of the factors to put into consideration when selecting from the 5 best monitors for telehealth.


  • Eco-saving plus feature
  • Eye saver mode
  • Dynamic colors
  • Active Crystal Feature


  • No DisplayPort

4. LG27UL500-W 27-inches UHD Monitor:


Breathtaking Clarity:

This IPS monitor holds four times the resolution as per the standard 1080P monitor! Enjoy the immersive visuals in 4K UHD quality (3840×2160), offering you the crystal-clear picture on the screen. Apart from this, a Full HDR’s 10 technology raises the bar of supreme quality. The quality of the resolution helped make this to the 5 best monitors for telehealth.

True Life Colors:

Telemedicine might require you to visualize or analyze the reports of patients. Most of these reports need a colored view for better understanding. LG UHD monitor understands the needs better and presents you with this IPS sRGB 98% true colors. This way, the colors will remain consistent even with the wide-angle view.

Radeon FreeSync:

There’ll be no communication issues with FreeSync Technology. The communication here relates to the monitor and processor. It will then reduce image flicker and tears. 

You’ll enjoy the smooth motion without any lag. FreeSync works perfectly with the HDMI and DisplayPort.

Game Mode:

The monitor also holds a gaming mode that works perfectly for first-person shooting games. But how will it help you in telemedicine? The gaming mode will extract the processor’s speed to smoothen the display and get better refresh rates. That’s how you’ll get the lag-free visuals on the screen. This lag free option helped position this product as one of the 5 best monitors for telehealth.

On-Screen Control:

You don’t need to drop the call with your patient or other doctors to set up a few things. Everything will be in front of you, including the necessary monitor settings, i.e., pictures, videos, audio, and screen split.


  • Perfect color calibration
  • 4K UHD visuals
  • FreeSync Technology
  • IPS LED monitor


  • No integrated speakers

5. LG 24M47VQ 24-inches LED Monitor:


Amazing Response Time:

No matter you’re using this LG monitor for what purpose! A fast response time always helps you to get better clarity and a smooth viewing experience. A refresh rate of 2ms can reduce the blurry screen and extract out the vivid details. It will be a good experience in terms of telemedicine. It’ll be easy on your eyes and reduces strain which is why it made it to the 5 best monitors for telehealth.

FHD 1080P:

Telemedicine requires you to sit in front of the monitor for hours! That’s where the LG cares for you—featuring the fantastic 1080P quality, which produces a much better image. The resolution part and detailing is a game-changer for this monitor.

Easy Multitasking:

This feature will be a boost for telehealth! The monitor offers four screens at a time, allowing you to do multitasking. Just a single click and the screen will divide into four parts. This way, you can attend the meetings and open up your notes or do the other stuff simultaneously.

Reader Mode:

Lessen your eye fatigue with the reader mode on! Telehealth professionals need to analyze the reports and read everything carefully. A reader mode will sharpen the text and reduce eye fatigue.

No Flicker Screen:

Here is a new feature that will minimize the flicker in minutes! The new dimming technology will eliminate all the factors which are responsible for eye fatigue and strain. Zero-flicker technology will also improve your experience of sitting in front of a monitor for hours. The no flicker screen helped position this product to be on the 5 best monitors for telehealth.


  • FHD resolution
  • 4-screen split
  • LED-lit monitor
  • Energy Star Certified


  • No infinity display

Comparison Chart:

ProductsResolutionSizeResponse TimeHardwareMount
1.BenQ 24-Inch IPS Monitor1080P IPS23.8’’5msDisplay port, HDMIVESA 100x100mm
2.ASUS VS248H-P 24’’ HD Monitor1080P FHD24’’2msVGA, HDMIVESA 100x100mm
3.SAMSUNG 23.5’’ Curved Monitor1080i FHD23.5’’4msHDMIVESA 100x100mm
4.LG27UL500-W 27-inches UHD Monitor4K UHD27’’5msDisplay port, HDMIWall Mount
5.LG 24M47VQ 24-inches LED Monitor1080P FHD24’’2msEthernet, HDMIVESA wall mount

Buying Guide: 5 Best Monitors For Telehealth

The telehealth sector requires you to own the best equipment. There are plenty of reasons why! One of the most common is that it is a matter of health and satisfaction of patients. Hence, to give the patients full comfort while sitting in their homes, you need to equip them better. 

Therefore, we bring you a complete buying guide for the best monitors for telehealth. Let’s explore the 5 best monitors for telehealth in more detail.

High Definition:

As a telehealth professional, you might need to observe the reports of patients online. Therefore, a clear and high definition result is what will help you in this regard. Better image quality will do wonders for your eyes as well. You don’t need to put stress on your eyes while seeing the blurry image.

Lightroom Conditions:

The monitor should own customization options for better adjustments. These should include brightness level adjustment and color grading. 

You can also have better viewing angles with a wide-angle of view.


You might need to connect various peripherals for a complete evaluation of the patient’s reports. The monitor should have flexible connectivity options such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and Ethernet.

FreeSync Feature:

Some monitors come with FreeSync technology. This feature will help in reducing lags and flickers. Also, it’ll be easy on your eyes. A smooth display will reduce the stress on the eyes. Moreover, make sure that the FreeSync technology works with the DisplayPort and HDMI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Why do you need to monitor for telehealth?

A. Do you need more than 26% of people are facing any disability only in the US. Therefore, no one should be excluded from seeing medical care daily. An FHD monitor for telehealth will help you satisfy all patients’ medical needs by having better communication.

Q. Do monitors for telehealth need to be of high quality?

A. As already mentioned, it is a matter of health. You might need to deal with emergencies sometimes. Therefore, the monitors should be of high quality and supreme importance.

Q. Does response time matter for monitors for telehealth?

A. Yes, the response time is the key to visuals. Sitting in front of the monitor for hours can put stress on your eyes and cause a headache. Therefore, faster response time will eliminate the flicker and lag behind. It’ll smoothen the whole display.


The telehealth profession is getting fame day by day. This sector offers much satisfaction to the patient’s medical needs. Are you one of those who cannot attend the doctor physically? Then this telehealth is for you! 

These 5 best monitors for telehealth will improve your overall experience. Keep your hands on those as mentioned above 5 best monitors for telehealth to get a better deal! Explore more reviews and insights at

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