5 Best Phones For Telehealth

5 best phones for telehealth

Why does telehealth get so much fame these days? There are plenty of reasons for this fact. One of the most common reasons is the convenience factor, especially for older people. There is no need to go for a physical checkup. All you need to do is to connect with your doctor online. This article will cover the 5 best phones for telehealth

At the other end, the doctors can also opt for a more straightforward setup. But wait! Are desktop PCs or laptops able to give all the perks of telehealth?  Smart devices such as mobile phones are taking place for PCs. Primarily to fulfill the purpose of telehealth, there needs to be a handier device. As per the survey of the United States Census Bureau, mobility can be a common issue for older people. People above 65 face at least a single disability issue. 

Hence, the telehealth sector is aiming to overcome such problems. Keeping in mind all this, a smartphone can be a blessing for both the patients and doctors. Both can have comfort at their level. 

Choosing a mobile phone for telehealth can be a tricky one for you. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider before arriving at the best decision. We’re here with this ultimate guide to 5 best phones for telehealth, which will help you get the right deal. Let’s delve into further details with the 5 best phones for telehealth.

Best Phones for Telehealth:

1. Google Pixel 4a:


Multiple Data Plans:

What is the first thing you need to do for an appointment with your doctor? An application and a running internet connection! Google Pixel 4a is the new unlocked Android device that can alter the carriers in one go. This way, you can have a data plan of your own from Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and any other major company. This unlocked feature helped make it to the list of 5 best phones for telehealth.

Capture the Real Graphics:

You might need to send reports to your doctor! But what if your camera gives you a blurry picture at the need of the hour? It will be the most embarrassing situation. Bring yourself this Google Pixel 4a with a 12MP of camera and advanced features like HDR+, Night Sight, Portrait Mode, and more. All new viewfinder options of this camera capture life-like pictures.

Long-lasting battery:

The battery of this Google Pixel 4a lasts longer than usual. At both ends, you’ll get the benefit of this fantastic feature. Don’t get locked up by the low battery when an important call is going on! The adaptive battery of this Google Pixel 4a will last you to 24 hours.

Titan M Security Chip:

Once you start using this phone as your business partner or making appointments for telehealth, the data inside needs to be secured! A custom-made Titan M security chip will ensure all the passwords, images, and videos are safe. This security feature helped make this product to the 5 best phones for telehealth.


  • 128 GB large storage
  • HDR+ mode
  • Google’s safety apps
  • 5.8″ OLED display


  • Plastic build quality

2. Moto G Stylus:


In-built Stylus:

What is unique in this Moto G is the stylus! It brings precision and fine action into play. You can edit photos, take notes, and draw sketches while on the call. This way, your telehealth experience will surely improve, no matter whether you’re a patient or a professional. Moreover, your everyday tasks will become more comfortable and smoother. The ease of use helped make this to the list of 5 best phones for telehealth.

Triple Camera System:

Moto G from Motorola brings you the real camera action! You can capture bright photos and videos in a breeze now. Hence, capturing from the low-light to real wide angle videos, this triple camera is what you need for professional and entertainment use. 

You can capture a picture for your reports for an easy evaluation. Also, while on the call, the video quality will be up to better communication.

Go Longer with a Single Charge:

No need to charge the phone more often! This Moto G Stylus can go for two days with a single charge. The smartphone features 4000 mAh, making it the best-suited choice for any telehealth professional who needs to attend multiple appointments in a day.

Stereo Speakers:

The dual stereo speakers can fine-tune the audio for an optimized sound experience. Moto G stylus will fulfill all the needs of a telehealth worker or a patient. Therefore, the 4x more powerful dual speakers and the Dolby Audio will leave no need for headphones.

Bright Vision:

Making video calls and online meetings on the cellphone can cause strain on your eyes! We care for you and hence bring you the most suitable option in this regard. This smartphone has a vivid 6.4″ Full HD+ display. This bright vision feature helped make it to the list of 5 best phones for telehealth.


  • 48MP triple camera
  • 4x powerful speakers
  • Ultra-fast performance
  • Octa-core processor


  • No NFC 

3. Apple iPhone XR 64GB:


Unlocked Version:

There is no need to go to any specific carrier! This Apple iPhone XR brings full freedom to choose from a variety of carriers. You can go for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Metro, and many more. That’s where you get the utmost convenience for professional as well as entertainment use.

Liquid Retina HD:

This iPhone XR has pushed the limits for smartphone visuals! Bringing in the liquid retina HD display, you’ll get the immersive pictures and videos on the screen. A wide 6.1-inches screen comes with IPS technology and a multi-touch display to support many new features.

Apart from this, as a telehealth professional, you’ll get the perfect view of a patient’s reports for an easy evaluation. The 1400:1 contrast ratio and a True Tone display add more worth to it. This liquid retina feature helped make this product to the 5 best phones for telehealth.

Wireless Charging:

Once you start using the smartphone for professional purposes, every second matters! iPhone XR cares for your time and brings wireless charging into play! It’s the Qi-based charging technology with fast charging support.

Smart Camera:

The device features a built-in 7MP True Depth Camera with multiple advanced features. It has optical image stabilization, improved True Tone flash, portrait mode, and many other effects to take immersive pictures. The smart camera feature helped make this to the list of 5 best phones for telehealth.

IP67 Water Resistance:

No need to worry about the splashes and spills! iPhone XR has an IP67 certification, which makes it super safe and user-friendly to use.


  • True Depth camera
  • Face ID supported
  • Dual Sim support
  • Multiple color options


  • No 3D Touch

4. Apple iPhone 8:


Rugged Build:

Apple iPhone 8 brings in the glass bodies and a matching Aluminum frame all along. The design matches the previous build, but the thick bezels are adding attraction to this upgraded body. A touch ID home button adds more convenience to the device in the end.

Water and Dust Resistant:

Telehealth professionals need to use the device multiple times a day. There can be mishaps when you use a gadget very often. Hence, keeping in mind the excess usage, Apple brings in the IP67 water-resistant and dust resistant feature to bring safety and extra protection.

True Tone Support:

Among various updates, the next up is the True Tone Support. The iPhone 8’s display comes with True Tone Support, which can automatically tackle the colors, temperature, and brightness as per the ambiance. Hence, no matter you’re making a video call with your patient in the daylight or a dark room, you’ll get a vivid and bright image every time. This feature helped make this product to the 5 best phones for telehealth.

A11 Bionic Chip:

Hexa-core, A11 bionic chip, is all you need to handle the heavy computing jobs and tasks with ease. This chip is powerful enough to provide speed and extraordinary performance with telehealth applications and support services. The bionic chip helped make this phone to the list of 5 best phones for telehealth.


  • 70% faster device
  • 2nd generation performance controller
  • Upgraded signal processor
  • Portrait lightning


  • Only a single camera

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10:


Wide Display:

You might need to make the video calls with the patients if you’re a telehealth worker! If so, bring this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in your arsenal and enjoy the wide 6.7″ screen. A super AMOLED display along with the capacitive touchscreen and a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution has the heart of many!  The display was a very notable reason to make it to the list of 5 best phones for telehealth.

Super Clear Camera:

Galaxy Note devices have perfect rear cameras to capture the beauty. Here is the Triple 12MP camera, which includes a wide, telephoto, and ultra-wide camera with a LED flashlight. Along with it comes the panorama HDR selfies and a 32MP camera with HDR feature. This way, you can make online calls, attend meetings, and fulfill all your appointments without any need for a laptop or PC. 

Powerful Processor:

The telehealth sector might need you to run multiple applications all at one time. The chipset Exynos 9810 and Mali-G72MP18 fulfill the needs of many. A powerful Octa-core processor will leave no flaws behind in speed and accuracy. The processor propelled this product to the list of 5 best phones for telehealth.

Ultimate Connectivity:

 The device supports the 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, A2DP, LE, GPS:A, GLONASS, USB 2.0, USB type C and more. You can enjoy connecting multiple peripherals to your smartphone to ease the professional experience. 


  • Chipset Exynos 9810 
  • 12MP wide+ telephoto lens
  • Aura Glow Colors 
  • 6.7″ AMOLED display 


  • Lacks 3.5mm jack

Comparison Chart:

ProductsProcessorMemoryCameraBattery Life
1.Google Pixel 4aQualcomm(R) Snapdragon(TM) 7306GB/128GB12MP rearUp to 24 hours
2.Moto G StylusOcta-core processor4GB/128GB48MP triple cameraUp to 48 hours
3.Apple iPhone XR 64GBApple A12 Bionic/ Hexa-core3GB/64GB7 MP, f/2.2Up to 25 hours
4.Apple iPhone 8Apple A11 Bionic/ Hexa-core2GB/64GB12 MP, f/1.8Up to 24 hours
5.Samsung Galaxy Note 10Octa-core (4×2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 & 4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A55)6GB/ 128GB12MP triple camera + 32 MP selfie cameraAbout 10 hours

Buying Guide: 5 Best Phones For Telehealth

Apart from desktops and PCs, smartphones are the next generation solution for telehealth. It’s easy and convenient at both the end. But choosing the best phones for telehealth can be a tricky one for you.  Use this buying guide when selecting from the 5 best phones for telehealth.

There are plenty of factors that might hurdle your way of getting the best-suited one for you. Let’s move you through all those factors that you need to consider with the 5 best phones for telehealth.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Phones For Telehealth:

The Operating System:

Smartphone operating systems are a kind of thing that you must consider before buying. The reason behind this fact is the ease of usage and user-friendly experience. If you’re an android user in the past but buying an iPhone now, there might be some complications for you to understand first. 

However, both the operating systems will work for the telehealth sector and provide the supported platform for all the applications.


The next thing you might need to smoothen the telehealth experience is the ultimate connection. An internet connection that provides speed and performance without any interference during the calls and meetings. Make sure the smartphone supports at least a 4G LTE connection for a faster online experience.

Camera Quality:

While communicating with the patients, a telehealth worker needs to have a good camera quality. The same goes for the other end as well. Picture and video quality is the primary concern for the diagnostics and evaluation of reports online. Moreover, a supreme quality camera will also work in low light leaving behind no worries for night appointments.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Do the screen size matters for phones for telehealth?

A. Yes, the screen size plays an important role. While on the call, a telehealth worker might need to evaluate a patient’s report and prescribe the medicine. A widescreen will help him understand the writing better and provide him a vivid view.

Q. How important is the battery life for smartphones for telehealth?

A. Making appointments all day is not an easy task to accomplish. It requires much effort from a telehealth professional’s side. At the same time, a smartphone’s battery makes sure that the whole process goes smoothly.

Q. Are smartphones better than Laptops for telehealth?

A. Portability always wins in every condition! Hence, smartphones are the way towards a more compact styled appointment. Both the patients, as well as doctors, will be at ease.


Telehealth is a profession where portability and adjustability matters a lot! Smartphones are aiming to provide that ease at both ends. These devices are featuring high-end processors, RAMs, and cameras to smoothen the whole process. 

Keep your hands on these phones, as mentioned above for telehealth for a beautiful experience! Explore the 5 best phones for telehealth along with other reviews at telehealthist.com.

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