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Are you health-conscious or suffering from heart diseases? ECG monitor devices should be with you all the time. Go through 5 of the best portable ECG monitors in the article.

The world is going with such a pace in technology that we can’t say anything impossible. Everything is being done these days automatically. Robots are handling households. Cars have become automatic. Crops used to take a long time to reap now being harvested in such a little span. 

All the other alternatives and easy ways in our dietary items have made us feeble and internally weak. Every second or third person after crossing their forty is suffering from heart diseases. They should be careful about our diet and health.

There is a device called a portable ECG monitor that is granted a proper diagnostic solution for the patients of arrhythmia. It is responsible for the full revelation of ECG signals, a complete analysis of data, and an explained report. Patients don’t need to go to the doctors as they can check their heart monitoring at home. When going out, they should not leave their houses without them.

Below are 5 of the best portable ECG monitors that can fulfill all your needs:

1. EMAY Portable ECG Monitor

Best portable ekg monitors

This ECG monitoring device works with the functionality of Bluetooth connection. It can prove to be of your personal use. It is handy and can be taken anywhere. Wherever you go, it goes with you, resting in your pocket. Use it whenever you feel uncomfortable or anxious. It can provide you heart rate and EKG rhythms. Talking about convenience, no wire system needed. Data can also be transferred, shared, or reviewed on your smartphone, and you can save it for the record. The convenience of this product helped make it to the list of best portable ecg monitors.

The second foremost advantage is it’s easy to use. Older adults are usually reluctant to learn new things. For them, its use is quite easy to understand. You have to do nothing but put your only two fingers or hands on the sensors. The rest of it will be done by it. T has a wide LCD screen, which gets you the results and shows you the heartbeat waves and EKG on the screen. You can visualize how your heart is working. It also gets your information right after recording around 30 seconds. Such a fast pace outcome gives you relaxation and peace of mind.

Not only can you see your progress report but also can your physician. You can send the reports to them via your smartphone or email. It is applicable in iOS 8.2 or above and android 7.0 or above. For Microsoft, it is applicable up to Windows 7 and above. Most of the professionals have been seen recommending this device as it is easy to use for most patients and has outstanding features. These advanced features helped this product make it to the list of best portable ecg monitors.


  • Handy design.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Operating with ease in four directions.
  • Light-weighted (0.1kg).


  • Battery life issues. It can’t be further consumed after approximately 3 hours.
  • Inconsistent Bluetooth connectivity. Gets disconnected if left for long.

2. AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L

best portable ecg monitor Telehealthist

This device is made specially to fit perfectly in your pocket. It is handy and can be taken along wherever you go. It also works through Bluetooth connectivity. No wiring is required. It is designed specially to work compatibly with your smartphone after connecting. There is no limit to taking ECGs. It can be unlimited. You will get to know whether your heartbeat is just fine or you are having Atrial Fibrillation(most common arrhythmia) in your reports right after 30 seconds.

The device’s easy usage understanding is worth mentioning. All you got to do is to open the app on your phone and click on RECORD. The front sensor is to keep your fingers, and the back sensor should be kept at the bare skin of your left leg’s knee or ankle. Wait 30 seconds only to see your results. Don’t worry about your data. It gets stored in your mobile automatically without any charges. The capabilities of this product propelled it to the list of best portable ecg monitors.


  • Recommendation of cardiologists.
  • Pocket caring six lead ECG.
  • Long-lasting battery. No need to charge.
  • Enjoy peace of mind anytime, anywhere.


  • Too tight leather carrying case.
  • Recommended for daily use. Hard to read ECGs.

3. Wellvue Armfit Plus Blood Pressure Monitor

portable ecg monitor Telehealthist

It is a caretaker of you and your family. Working through Bluetooth connectivity and can give you the most accurate results. After processing in minimal time, it gives you access to the feedback on the app operating through your smartphone. Generating proper and regular history records it brings you a comprehensive report accordingly.

It has an LCD screen interface that shows the most recent data and previous data to match your progress. You can get the free app online for your smartphone. The app contains features such as checking the mode, plotting graphs and emailing your physician or doctor while staying at home. Having the ability to do both a blood pressure and ecg monitoring put this on the list of best portable ecg monitors.

The use is too easy to understand and saves space. You can test your heart rate anytime at home or on the go. It has trusted and promising accuracy. The high technology provides you the most accurate results. It has an elegant design to take it along and does not take much space. The material being used in the device is extraordinary. The design is brief and compact.

It can also save the data of more than one person. You can make a separate record of yourself and your family member too. The most highlighting factor is such an efficient item at a very cheap rate. Anyone can afford it or save a little to have this ultimate device. The ability to track more than one user put this on the best portable ecg monitors list.


  • Multifunctional ECG monitor
  • FDA cleared the device as medically accurate
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Quick and quiet


  • Diastolic reading is off comparatively with other devices
  • Does not integrate with Apple’s health app

4. Portable H/ea/rt R/a/te Monitor

portable ecg monitors Telehealthist

PM10 Portable ECG Monitor is a user-friendly ECG checking device that can be kept and used at our houses daily. It proves to be a great indicator and tells us before the time the patient gets cardiovascular diseases. It is a risk reducer and prevention from the cure.

It has an elegantly designed shape which proves to be handy for the users and easy to carry. This brand is from China and cost us quite less. Falls in most of the common people’s budgets. Like other ECG monitors, it also uses a Bluetooth connectivity interface, operated and managed by our smartphones. You can download or upload your data or processed results and reports anywhere instantly. The bluetooth features put this on the best portable ecg monitors list.

Battery life is quite admirable and worth discussing. The device can get 500 results in one time charged battery. The use in operating is convenient for the users. Only one finger is required to place on the sensor. You can infer accurate results right after the data is being inserted. The data storing system is tension free. You can save the data or reports in the Cloud platform to record your improvement or current condition. After storing your data, it is no big deal to get it printed. The device generates the results to get printed anytime which is one of the best portable ecg monitors.


  • Effective and long-lasting battery life.
  • Cheaper in cost.
  • Effective readings with finer accuracy.


  • Stops taking ECGs when connected to the system.
  • Not capable of serving the actual medical diagnostics.

5. CONTEC Portable ECG/EKG Monitor

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No one wants to visit hospitals now and then. People find ways to find a cure at home not to have to go to the doctors. For ECGs, why paying to the doctors when you can invest only once and get benefitted from it over and over again? CONTEC Portable ECG is a device made for the common use of heart patients.

It does not require any wired connection as it works on your phone through the app by connecting your device with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and its app is applicable on Windows 7/8/10 and Android 7.0 and above and on Apple devices. It has sensors at the ends which helped make it to one of the best portable ecg monitors.

It is light weighted device weighing 60 grams. Its use is easy to understand even for those who do not like to learn about the new technologies. It is not a problem if you have to go somewhere urgent and think about your ECG. This handy portable device adjusts in the pocket easily so that you can carry it for a tour, meeting, or work. It is FDA approved for medical care.

The battery life is sufficient to take many observations and ECGs in a single timely charging. The data can be saved and uploaded like some of the other best portable ecg monitors, but it is ideal for single person use only. It cannot save the separate data of two persons simultaneously. It can send an e-mail to the doctor or your physician.


  • Easy to use.
  • Quick in generating results.
  • Efficient in providing accurate results.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Not very promising in delivering and responding.
  • Suitable for personal domestic use only.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Portable ECG Monitors

When you plan to buy one of the best portable ECG monitors, the following are the factors you should keep in mind:


Nothing comes above convenience. People like an average-sized device that can be carried along, whether going to work or to the ground to play sports. Going for more and more compact will cost you more, so face the scarcity wisely. The best portable ecg monitors are compact and easy to use.


If you wish to keep your ECG device along with you, it should support a healthy battery timing. Pick one with a longer running time for overnights. Select the one whose batteries can be charged or changed while on the go. All of the best portable ecg monitors have pretty decent battery lives.


Mostly, the core users of the device are old aged people. The display should show results in clear digits, and the screen should be bright enough to see what is happening in your heart. Not everyone knows how to take readings from smartphones. The device should also provide a display screen for everyone’s comfort.


They are the main reason for conducting the whole ECG and responsible for showing what is happening in the heart. Every ECG monitor has two electrodes, but the more, the better.


When it comes to health, accuracy is elementary. You cannot go with approximations. The device capable of giving the most accurate results is its most important quality. Having more electrodes makes the picture clearer but not all of the best portable ecg monitors have these. You should not compromise on the accuracy at any cost.


No wonder the cost ends all the discussion up. The more budget will give you access to get a much better and accurate device. You can only get the one to which your affordability will allow. But let’s not forget that nothing should be compromised on health. Health is wealth!


These are some of our best-suggested ECG monitors you can get. They are all not costly, and functionality is top-notch. Getting yourself the best ECG device means getting an accurate reading as the doctors can get during the emergency. You should always read about the product’s features in the buyer’s guides and the reviews, too, before getting it. Related to health, accuracy is everything. Get your device as much accurate as you can in your affordability. But that does not mean you should throw your money on the most expensive ones. Go through the specs and study the selling plans. Do not overlook your health and take good care of your body.


Q: How do ECG Monitors work?

The ECG device tracks the beat when the heart pumps and generates signals electrically on a graph.

Q: What are the risks involved when using an EKG/ECG Device?

There are no risks involved in using it. Just be sure that your device is capable of generating accurate results on which you can rely.

Q: Is an ECG important for Sports athletes?

It is necessary for athletes. These devices are usually worn by them portable ECGs or smartwatches to check their heart rate throughout the match or training.

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