5 Best Wired Headsets For Telehealth

You might have heard many times that technology is changing our lives! Not only the technology alone but the internet along with it. This time, it has not transformed something in the sense of comfort but healthcare. This article covers the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

A variety of health-related tools are available to give your doctor an overview of your health. This way, you can get the services you need in minutes! This is a new way- telehealth! Telehealth uses digital information devices like PCs or mobile phones to access the health of patients. Doctors might use it to improve the overall support experience. Several products have contributed to this, but the headphones are a vital addition to this. Why so? Let’s find out more about the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

As already said, the healthcare sector is changing. How you meet your doctor is completely online now! So what do you need to make this meeting more productive? Rugged quality Headphones might be the answer! The reason why we’re saying this is you cannot afford to have a communication gap here. It’s a matter of health!

We’re bringing you two-way communication headphones with a perfect USB connection. Their noise cancellation will improve your meeting with the physician. Doctors will also get the benefit of guiding their patients well. You both will be able to hear each other clearly and end up having a positive outcome. Isn’t it the future of the health sector?

Choosing the Best Wired Headsets for Telehealth might be confusing if you’re new to this. Worry no more! We’re here at your back as always. Our experts have collected the list of top 5 Best Wired Headsets for Telehealth that might help you get a better deal. Keep reading to know more about the 5 wired headsets for telehealth.

5 Best Wired Headsets for Telehealth

1. Plantronics (Poly) Blackwire 8225 Wired Headset:

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Noise Cancellation:

You don’t want to ruin your meeting with the doctor due to noise! Isn’t it? If so, let’s find you a better solution to this problem. Here is the Plantronics Poly 8225, having disruption-free technology. This headset can block the sound from outside to bring peace to your conversation. 

Need to shift to a separate room when talking to your doctor. Close talkers and ambient sound will do nothing to your meeting! These unique featureds propelled this product to the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

That’s not the end here! An Acoustics Fence Technology brings the noise-canceling microphone. This way, your nurse and doctor will hear you loud and clear.

Optimized Audio Comfort:

Plantronics (Poly) Blackwire gives you three settings in total! These are all about Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). You can choose from all for optimized sound quality.

Innovative Feature:

What else you can get here is an on-call indicator feature! It’ll let others know when you’re on call! So that they can refrain from disturbing you. Not only will it improve your experience but can save others from embarrassment. This unique feature positioned this product to the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Exceptional Audio:

What you need exactly is telemedicine? A pleasant and transparent conversation, not only as a patient but as a doctor. Plantronics 8225 is the solution to all your problems. It gives an exceptional sound quality for both the calls and media so you can hear everyone clear and loud. 

An enhanced bass experience will further improve the sound.


  • No interruptions
  • Perfect noise-cancellation
  • ANC feature
  • On-call indicator


  • Only for Windows and Mac 

2. Jabra Evolve 40 MS Professional Wired Headset:

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Pro-Grade Connectivity:

Many of you might have faced difficulty in connections! But not anymore. Here comes the Jabra Evolve 40, which has the pro-grade headset quality for an enhanced experience. Not only will it help you with the fantastic sound quality during calls but for music listening as well. This way, both the doctors as well as the patient can hear each other loud and clear. Telehealth has been made easier, especially with one of these 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Stay Home:

Staying home is the new normal! You don’t have to go out to visit your doctor very often until there’s an emergency. Telehealth has made the cure easier and convenient for both parties. Therefore, to make effective communication, a pair of headset is all you need! 

Jabra Evolve has perfect noise cancelation to avoid interruption at your home. A busy light will turn on to tell others that you’re on the call. You can also turn it on manually when you need focus.

Flexible Connections:

Jabra Evolve 40 headset features the 3.5mm audio connectivity jack by which constraints are no more. You can connect the headsets with your smartphone, tablet, or PC anytime. There is also a USB jack as well for more flexibility. This flexbility helped make this product to the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Soft Feel:

As doctors, you might have to attend to many patients each day. Jabra Evolve 40 features a design with a leather and soft cushion-like feel to wear it all day long.


  • Eliminates noise
  • Plug-and-play feature
  • Leather-like feel
  • Dual connection ports


  • No padding on the headband 

3. Mpow Single-Sided USB with Microphone:

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Single-Sided Pro Grade:

As a doctor or nurse, you might have to attend to the patients virtually on telehealth! But at the same time, it’s essential to keep yourself aware of the surroundings. Mpow single-sided USB brings you this headset, which offers a single-sided design, ideal for an open-ear experience. This open ear experience helped position the product on the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Noise Cancelling:

Mpow offers the perfect noise canceling with a 270-degrees boom mic, which ensures that others hear you loud and clear. Precise positioning of the microphone is the key to effective communication.

Wide Compatibility:

A USB and a 3.5 mm jack make sure everyone can get benefit from these headsets. This way, it can work on various devices, no matter if you have a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Telehealth will be more comfortable and practical with this headset!

All-Day Comfort:

These over-ear headphones are made from ABS material and high-grade plastic, ensuring that you get all the comfort you need. A high-grade ABS material along with the soft protein cushion enables you to get an ultra-lightweight fit! No worries for you, even if you’re longest on the call.

Lightweight as Feather:

These Mpow one-sided headphones are super-lightweight with a weight of only 54g. This way, they’re able to reduce the burden of wearing even for the most prolonged hours.  This lightweight feature got this product to the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.


  • Even lighter than egg
  • 270-degrees rotatable headphone
  • Comfort optimized
  • Noise filtration


  • Doesn’t fit all 

4. Logitech USB Headset H390:

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Padded Headbands:

Are you looking for something softer? Worry no more! Here is the Logitech USB headset H390, which brings comfort to a doctor’s and patient’s life. Here’s how! Logitech understands the profession of doctor and hence features soft ear pads for an improved experience.

Rotating Microphone:

Control all your appointments and virtual meetings without any interruption! Logitech USB headset has a rotating microphone that offers a plug-and-play function. Featuring 17 dBV/Pa +/ 4 dB sensitivity, this headset provides you the perfect sound listening experience. The rotating microphone helped propel this product to the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Advanced Connectivity:

Connectivity also plays an essential role in the sound quality as the headset directly drives the voltage from the PC or device. Therefore, get this fantastic pair of headset with advanced USB 1.1 and 2.0 connectivity to avoid disruptions.

Long Cable:

This USB computer headset knows everyday problems. Therefore, it utilizes the 7.64 feet of cable to give you immense freedom. You can sit or stand at your convenience. This feature alone is enough to provide doctors and patients with an improved telehealth experience.

In-line Controls:

The headset has in-line controls by which you can adjust the volume and mute calls right from the cord—no need to go into the settings from your device. The in-line controls helped position this product to the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.


  • In-line controls
  • Adjustable and padded ear cups
  • Digital Stereo sound
  • 7.6 feet long cable


  • Unidirectional microphone

5. Discover D713U On-the-ear Wired USB Headset:

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Improved Telehealth Experience:

Explore yourself in a new mode of calling with this wired USB headset. D713U brings you enough features to improve the telehealth experience both for doctors as well as patients. With USB-A connectivity, you can do business and video calls with no interruptions. Giving advice or suggesting medicines to your patients has become much more comfortable as the voice reaches loud and clear at the other end.

All-Day Comfort:

Are you tired of headbands that struck in your hair? Then this Discover D173U is for you! While listening to calls and audio, you might remove the headsets very often in a single day. The situation might get worse if the headband is not up to the mark. A sleek ear design with the three ear-tips brings you to comfort all day. The sleek design helped make this product get listed on the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Loud and Clear:

Rather than using computers or mobile speakers, make use of D173U, which is far more convenient and easy for you. These wired on-ear headsets are of pro-grade build featuring bass-boosted sound for a more productive outcome.

Controls are Easy:

D173U has an in-line control feature, which lets you adjust the volume. You can utilize the buttons for volume up, down, mute and unmute.


  • Sleek look
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Included ear tips
  • Plug and play


  • Doesn’t fit in-ear for all 

Comparison Chart:

ProductsConnectionForm FactorTypeNoise CancellationKey Features
1.Plantronics (Poly) Blackwire 8225 Wired HeadsetWiredOn-earUSBYesAcoustic Fence technology, On-call indicator
2.Jabra Evolve 40 MS Professional Wired HeadsetWiredOn-ear3.5mm + USBOnly with earpiecesSoft feel, dual connections
3.Mpow Single Sided USB with MicrophoneWiredOver-head3.5mm + USBYesRotatable boom mic, comfort-fit, in-cord volume control
4.Logitech USB Headset H390WiredOn-earUSB-AYesWorks with all windows, stereo sound, adjustable ear cups
5.Discover D713U On-the-ear Wired USB HeadsetWiredOn-earUSB-AOnly with earpiecesCall controls, all-day comfort, sleek design  

Buying Guide: 5 Best Wired Headsets For Telehealth

While looking for the best-wired headset for telemedicine, there are plenty of factors in play. The first and foremost question you might ask is the microphone type and its use! Are you still confused? Let’s move you through some of the factors you need to go through while buying the best-wired headset for telehealth. Explore this and more with the article about the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best-Wired Headset For Telemedicine:

Microphone Type:

Imagine your doctor is giving you a prescription, and you get noisy audio? Eliminate the interruptions at both ends by buying the best-wired headsets. The microphone type raises many other questions, i.e., do you need it for calls only? Or do you need music listening as well? 

Mostly, headsets that you may employ in the telehealth sector need a headset for sure. A good quality microphone will help you eliminate the noise at both ends for a loud and clear sound.


There are a lot of attributes in the built-in design that will help you get the right deal. First and foremost is the headband, which is the essential component of every headset. Removing the headset might trap some hair in the band, which is very inconvenient. 

Always make sure to have the headsets with the padded headrest so that you can wear it all day long. Moreover, the microphones’ direction plays a vital role in reducing noise and improving sound quality. The design should be factored in when selecting one of the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth.

Noise Cancellation:

Whether they are on-ear or in-ear headphones, all you need is the perfect noise cancellation. Some headphones come with the passive, while some have active noise cancellation features installed. Both can work well for telemedicine, but the active noise cancellation can go perfectly to avoid the noise at its best. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How headphones play a role in telemedicine?

A. Telemedicine is an essential concern as a matter of health is involved in it. Therefore, having a virtual meeting with your doctor or physician should be interruption-free. Pair of the headset is needed for the doctors or nurses so that their voice reaches loud and clear.

Q. Telemedicine needs you to have rotatable microphones. Justify?

A. It’s not convenient sometimes to speak to your colleagues sitting beside you with a microphone at your face. Also, you cannot remove the headset frequently. So, a rotatable microphone will be a comfort for you in this situation where you need to wear headsets all day long.

Q. Does telemedicine headsets need to have noise cancellation?

A. Technically, yes! There might be people talking in your surroundings. You cannot always have a calm background. Buy a good pair of headset with active noise cancellation in your gear for telemedicine appointments.


Headsets are one of the essential accessories for telemedicine. There can be plenty of reasons to own a useful gadget in this category. Some of them include dynamic frequency response, an accurate ability to catch even low-frequency sound, noise cancellation for an interruption-free meeting experience. This way, both the doctor and patients will hear each other loud and clear. Explore the 5 best wired headsets for telehealth and more insights at telehealthist.com.

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