Best wireless headsets for telehealth

Wireless headsets for telehealth have become a necessity as providers are practicing remotely. To offer voice clarity during conference calls and meetings, it is crucial to have a good quality headset that will have your back. 

The market is brimming with brands claiming the best headsets; however, there is a criteria you need to follow to find the best. A good wireless headset must offer you a suitable range as well as battery life. 

This will significantly impact its performance. Let’s have a look at a few of the best headsets available in the market that will be a great choice for professional as well as recreational uses.

Wireless Headsets – Product Review

1. Leitner OfficeAlly LH270 Wireless Telephone Headset

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Product Features


Leitner has impressive sound quality. The volume can easily be adjusted through the earphone. The Microphone is pretty great too. It has immense voice clarity and mutes any background noise or distortions. The mute button is also easily accessible. It will beep every 8 seconds to ensure you know you are on mute.

Battery Life

The company claims that the headset can last up to 8 hours and more. It has a great battery life that will allow you to use it for a long time before the battery dies.

Workability and Comfort

The headset is compatible with an extensive range of phones. You don’t have to worry if your phone will connect with it or not. Moreover, the earphones are very comfortable. You can wear them all day without any issues.


The Leitner headset has a great warranty. The headset comes with a 60-day no questions asked return policy. They will pay for the shipping, and you can return the headset if you are not satisfied with it. Moreover, they offer a five-year replacement warranty where they will repair and replace your headset for free.


The Range of the headset is 350 meters which is quite good. As soon as the headset comes close to the end of the range warnings beeps set off. Even if it disconnects as you leave the range, if you come back in within 5 minutes, the headset will reconnect.


  • Fantastic clarity, especially during calls.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Great battery life.
  • Call retention when out of range.


  • No handset lifter
  • No automatic switch between PC and phone depending on the signal.

2. Plantronics Voyager Focus

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Product Features


The Plantronics Headset has an excellent mic. It provides extreme clarity during calls and recording. Even when there is a lot of noise in the background, it will effectively cancel any background sound to ensure you are clear on the other end.

Comfortable Design

The earpads are comfortable and soft. They do not constrict too much and are elastic to provide a great fit without clamping too hard. The headband is also suspended, which will ensure that it does not put too much pressure on your head.

Battery Life

The headset has a fantastic battery life of 12 hours which will easily get you through a day’s worth of use. You can easily charge it at night using the charging stand. While travelling, you can charge your headset using a USB. It comes with a padded case which makes it portable and easy to carry around.


There is a Plantronics app on iOS and OSX that will allow you to modify and customize some of the features of the headset easily.


The headset has a physical on and off switch that is easy to locate and use. It comes with a smart sensor that will turn off the music as soon as you lift the headset off your head. However, it might not pause the video. The controls are very easy as all the media buttons like track, play; volume is on one side. While power, mic boom and answer are on the other.


  • Long battery life.
  • Excellent voice quality.
  • Noise Cancellation.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Balanced Sound Quality for Music.


  • Bluetooth Only.
  • No wired option.

3. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Wireless Headset

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Product Features

Sound Quality

Jabra Evolve 65 has one of the best sound quality. The sound is crisp and clear, without any disruptions or background noise. This is true for both sides as the microphone offers excellent clarity as well. You can easily walk around the room, listening to music or calling without the headset disconnecting.

Noise cancellation

One of the heat features includes background noise cancellation. Talking virtually is difficult enough, disruptions make it more frustrating. With Jabra, you will easily be able to hear the other person, and they can listen to you even if there is mild background noise.


Comfort significantly impacts your choice of a headphone as you need to wear one whole day. The lightweight of Evolve 65 and soft ear pads make it very comfy. The microphone can be tucked away easily because of the magnetic strip. This will allow you to eat and drink without the mic getting in the way. 

For people with glasses, this headset is very elastic and does not cause a problem. Moreover, the lightweight and compact shape make it easy to carry around and use.


The headset offers multiple connection options. You can connect it via Bluetooth as well as cable. The USB cable that comes with it can also be used to charge the headset easily. It’s effortless to use with the plug and play. You can connect it to Bluetooth and enjoy wireless calls and meetings by easily moving around. The Bluetooth range is about 30.5 m which is good.


  • Light and comfortable.
  • Great battery life.
  • Good sound for calls and communication.
  • Great standby feature.
  • Low profile microphone.
  • 30m range


  • Not a great bass.

4. Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset Bundle

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Product Features


Jabra Evolve 75 offers a pretty good range of 100 meters which will allow you to stroll around the room while talking and listening to the music. The Bluetooth speakers can be connected to two devices at a time that will help you easily switch between multiple devices during calls.

Jabra Evolve comes with Bluetooth 4.2. Your device also needs to have class 1 connection to allow you the 100ft. range.


Jabra Evolve is 100 percent compatible with all UC devices including Dialpad, Nextiva, Vonage, RingCentral and many others. The Jabra app will allow you to customize the settings and use Jabra as you like. Moreover, using the buttons on the side, you can connect and disconnect calls.

Sound Quality

Jabra can be connected to two devices at once for music and calls. The sound quality is HD and excellent. The voice heard on the other side is also crystal clear and free of any unnecessary background noise.

Battery life

Jabra Evolve 75 offers a fantastic battery life of 15 hours that would easily last you a long time. If by any chance the battery is low then you can charge it using the USB cable it comes with. It can be attached to the PC using the cable for use as well.


  • Great Battery Life.
  • Excellent mic quality.
  • Very Comfortable.
  • Ambient mics allow you to hear your surroundings when needed.
  • Great noise cancellation.
  • Connects to 2 devices.


  • Not the best audio output.

5. Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset Bundle w/Bonus Wall Charger

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Product Features

HD Audio Speakers

Jabra Evolve is famous for its excellent sound quality that is clear during calls as well as music. You will notice that it eliminates any background noise while you can also choose not to remove it. The clear sound will help when there is poor reception.

Rechargeable Battery

Jabra Evolve battery lasts for 15 hours, that makes it great for the office as well as gaming purposes. The battery will fully charge in less than a few hours, and the device will be ready to use. If for some reason the battery does not last. You can connect it to your phone or PC directly.


Connect your Bluetooth device and don’t worry about entangling into wires. The headset has a range up to 100 ft, which will allow you to move around without disrupting the signals on the device.


  • Great battery life.
  • Connects to 2 devices.
  • Excellent range of 100ft.
  • Very comfortable ear pads and headband.
  • Amazing Sound Quality.
  • Comes with a wall charger.


  • A bit expensive.

Comparison Chart

ProductDimensionsWeightRangeBattery Life
1. Leitner OfficeAlly LH270 Wireless Telephone Headset8.35 x 2.76 x 7.72 inches1.9 ounces350m8 hours
2. Plantronics Voyager Focus5.40 x 3.52 x 6.07 inches5.44 ounces47 m12 hours
3. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Wireless Headset0.79 x 2.73 x 3.19 inches0.68 lbs100 feet/30.5 m14 hours
4. Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset Bundle5.00 x 3.00 x 6.00 inches6.24 ounces100 feet15 hours
5. Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset Bundle w/Bonus Wall Charger6.00 x 7.00 x 2.00 inches6.24 ounces100 feet15 hours

Buyer’s Guide For Wireless Headsets

To buy the best wireless headset for yourself, you need to look for all your desired features for the right price. There are numerous options available in the market so ensure that you are getting what’s best for you.

Wired or Wireless

Even Though Bluetooth headsets are more in fashion now, some people still prefer wired headsets. Wired ones are cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about a bad connection. Wireless earphones offer you to roam around freely without disrupting your music. You don’t have to worry about pulling or tangling into any wires.

Battery Life

Smaller headsets like AirPods only last about an hour after charging. A good headset must at least offer 4 hours of battery life so you can have a conference call without having to switch your headphones. Some of the best headsets provide 8 to 12 hours of battery life that will easily last you the whole day.


Comfort plays a significant role, especially if you need to wear your headphones all day long. The earpads must be comfortable so that they do not compress your ears. The weight and design of the headset also matter a lot in this regard. As some people will like something lightweight for their head. 

The headband should be elastic, so the band does put pressure above your head. For people with glasses, it is good to get an on-ear headset rather than off ear. Lastly, make sure your earphones don’t hurt your ear canal, this will help protect your ear.


A good headset will not only give you voice clarity but also remove background noise. Background noise creates a lot of disruption and fuss while on a call. A good headset must have a noise cancellation operation. The microphone should provide a clear sound on the other end, minimizing any background noise.


One of the best headsets in the market has controls organized in a very intuitive way. They are organized in a way to ensure you have buttons of the same category on one side. This will help you easily change the settings.


A good range is equally important. A Bluetooth headset must offer a nice variety that allows you to move a functional space before it disconnects. Some headphones also offer automatic switches that will turn the headset on as soon as you enter the range again.


Headsets also come with their own distinct software. The software allows you to change the settings as you like to personalize your headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should one use a headset?

Using wireless headsets has a lot of benefits. They improve your health with lower stress on your back, neck and arms. You will hear better with lesser distractions. With the mic at a distance, your voice will be more precise and more professional. With a wireless headset, you will be able to multitask without holding your phone in your hand.

What are amplifiers for?

Amplifiers allow you to increase the volume of incoming and outgoing calls. This is particularly useful when there is poor reception on either side. You can also mute the other person to have a private chat as well.

What are the different types of headsets?

There are many different types of headsets for different uses. People who find it harder to keep earphones on the head can use a neckband style that will remain on the base of the head. A single speaker or monaural will fit into one ear while a binaural is a headband style that will rest on both ears for full concentration. Over the ear is for those who like incredibly lightweight headrests.

Lastly, there is the convertible 3 in one that can be changed into neckband, headband and over the ear.

Key Takeaway

Headsets are essential whether it’s for office or gaming. You can not obtain amazing sound clarity without them. Wireless headsets allow you to roam around freely without the need to carry your device in your hand as long as you are within range.

Wireless headsets can be very useful for Distance learning, work from home, and simply staying connected. Hopefully, you will find what you need in one of the headsets above. Otherwise, the buying guide will help you purchase one for your liking.

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