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Reviews5 best tablets for telehealth

5 best tablets for telehealth

As soon as laptops made their way to the market, they stirred a storm. People loved them due to their portability. Tablets become very popular with telehealth due to their mobility. This post will review the 5 best tablets for telehealth that are easily available today.

Tablets are an excellent investment for anyone who requires a handheld computer. One can think of a tablet as a hybrid between a phone and a laptop. So the users get the best of both worlds.  There are plenty of great tablets that are readily available in the market. If you are looking for the best tablets review, here are our top five recommendations:

5 Best Tablets For Telehealth Reviews

1. New Apple iPad Pro 4th Generation

Product Features

Advanced Mobile Display

The New Apple iPad Pro tablet comes in two display screen variations. Customers can choose between an eleven-inch and twelve point nine inches display screen size. The overall display quality of the tablet is also commendable. The display and brightness are sharp and clear which helped make it to the list of 5 best tablets for telehealth. The colors appear vividly, and the ProMotion and True Tone features make the display admirable and worth mentioning. 

Fast And Responsive 

The tablet features the A12Z Bionic chip. This makes it a speedy and responsive tablet. The tablet’s responsiveness makes it a great device to use for official work and even for gaming. Users never have to experience any lag or slow performance when they invest in this tablet. 

The performance of this product indeed makes it one of the best tablets in the market. These features make it one of the 5 best tablets for telehealth. The battery life of the tablet is also commendable. Once fully charged, it can be used for ten hours. WiFi and LTE connections are too fast and responsive. 

Thin And Sleek Design

The tablet comes with a very sleek and stylish design. It is a lightweight and portable tablet that makes it an excellent choice for people who are always on the go. The design of the tablet also supports the use of a trackpad as well as a stylus. The floating design and thin bezel design surely make it an aesthetically pleasing investment. This design helped make it to the list of 5 best tablets for telehealth.

Camera Quality

Take photography to the next level with the LiDAR scanner and two cameras. One of the cameras of the tablet also supports wide-angle shots. Users can also use the tablet for shooting ultra-high definition 4k videos, which can also be edited on the tablet afterward. 


  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Commendable camera quality. 
  • Ten-hour battery life. 
  • Bright and clear display quality. 


  • The touch screen is not that responsive. 
  • Customer service is not responsive. 

2. Microsoft Surface Pro Touch Screen Tablet

Product Features

Multiple Connectivity Options

Many people often complain that they struggle when it comes to connecting their tablets with other devices. To tackle this issue, the Microsoft Surface Pro Touch Screen Tablet comes with a USB type C and USB type-A ports. There is also an option of Bluetooth connectivity to carry out wireless data transfers between devices.  The versatility helped this product make it to the 5 best tablets for telehealth list.

Longer Battery Life

You will never have to worry about plugging in the tablet because this product comes with a commendable and long-lasting battery life of around ten and a half hours. Not only does the battery of the tablet last longer, but the battery also charges at a rapid rate. The tablet can be charged to around eighty percent within an hour of being plugged in. 

Faster Processor

There is no doubt about the fact that this tablet is extremely fast and responsive. The 10th gen intel core i5 processor makes sure that the users can experience flawless execution when using this tablet. The tablet will never lag and can be used for gaming as well as work purposes. This processor makes it one of the 5 best tablets for telehealth today.

Slim And Portable

The tablet features an ultra-thin design and weighs merely 1.70 pounds. The ten-inch display screen size is perfect, as it is neither too large nor too small. Therefore, users can easily use the tablet and enjoy graphics. The touchscreen is also responsive. 


  • USB type A and C ports. 
  • Two classical colors to choose from. 
  • Powerful and responsive processor. 
  • Three different modes. 


  • The camera quality is not up to par. 
  • Fan noise is irritating and too loud. 

3. New Apple iPad Pro 2nd Generation

Product Features

Face ID

The New Apple iPad Pro 2nd Generation tablet is very secure. Users can set up a face ID to protect their tablet from unauthorized access. The Face ID makes sure that no one can access your tablet. The Face ID also enables easy login as the users don’t have to use a fingerprint sensor or type in a password or passcode to unlock the tablet. 

High-Quality Graphics

Users don’t have to compromise on graphics quality when using the New Apple iPad Pro 2nd Generation tablet. The display quality of the tablet is flawless and detailed. All the colors are bright and clear. The 8-core graphics ensure that one can enjoy the best display quality possible. This feaure makes it one of the 5 best tablets for telehealth.

Camera Quality

The tablet comes with both a back as well as a front-facing camera. There are two cameras on the rear side of the tablet. One of them is the 12 MP wide-angle camera, whereas the other is the 10 MP Ultra Wide-angle camera. The LiDAR scanner can be used to scan and save documents on the tablet. 

Speakers And Microphone

The tablet has a total of four speakers and five microphones. The speakers deliver admirable sound quality that is crisp and detailed. The speakers are also loud so that sound can be delivered clearly which is another reason it made it to the 5 best tablets for telehealth. The microphones also deliver high-quality sound. 


  • Portable and lightweight tablet. 
  • Liquid Retina display screen.
  • The battery can last for up to ten hours. 


  • The tablet is not suitable for multitasking. 

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Tablet

Product Features

Sound And Display Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an excellent package in terms of both sound and display quality. The graphics and display of the tablet are clear and detailed. The sound is also amplified. The Dolby Atmos Surround sound has a great sound throw so that everyone can hear the sound loud and clear. The sound has cinematic clearance and quality which helped it make it to the 5 best tablets for telehealth list. 

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Play your favorite games, work as needed or even use the tablet to binge-watch your favorite shows on this tablet. The tablet comes with long-lasting battery life; therefore, you will be able to use this tablet for hours without needing to plug in the tablet and charge it. The corner to corner display increases the screen size. 

Storage Space

Ample storage space is one of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. It comes in three different variations. Users can choose between a 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB internal memory variant. If you still find that you need more space, you can also mount an external memory card and increase the memory size up to 512 GB. 

Full Pack Entertainment

This tablet is the perfect option for those who are looking for a tablet to keep themselves entertained. You can use this tablet to play games, watch movies and television shows, and even use general purposes. The versatility of this product makes it one of the 5 best tablets for telehealth (as well as for general purposes).


  • Cinematic sound quality. 
  • Larger screen size. 
  • Longer battery life. 
  • Lightweight and portable tablet. 


  • Does not have a good WiFi range. 
  • Tablet develops display screen issues after a while. 

5. New Microsoft Surface Go 2 Touchscreen Tablet

Product Features

Battery Life

Once fully charged, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 Touchscreen Tablet can easily be used for ten hours without any issue. Use the tablet for online shopping, browsing through websites, playing games and even watching videos without worrying about plugging in the tablet to charge it. 

Screen Quality

The screen quality is excellent in terms of both the graphics and display, as well as responsiveness. The screen displays high quality and high definition visuals. All the colors appear bright, and the objects have a sharp and detailed outline. The touchscreen also functions smoothly and can be used with a pen input as well. 

Portable Tablet

This tablet does not weigh the users down. It is a very lightweight and thin design tablet that can easily be carried around as needed. The tablet weighs only 1.2 pounds and is extremely thin. The sleek and stylish design makes it visually appealing and gives it an elegant design. The portability helped this product make it to the 5 best tablets for telehealth list.

Connectivity Options

The tablet features a USB type C connector so that the tablet can be connected to other devices as needed. An audio jack is also included to connect headphones and enjoy songs and movies whenever needed. 


  • High-resolution touchscreen display. 
  • Thin and lightweight tablet. 
  • USB Type C and audio jack port. 
  • Battery life of up to ten hours. 


  • The tablet gets stuck at times. 

Comparison Chart

ProductDisplayConnectorDimensionsBattery Life
1. New Apple iPad Pro 4th Generation12.9 inch Liquid Retina DisplayUSB C Connector. 11.5 x 8.9 x 1.97 inches10 hours
2. Microsoft Surface Pro Touch Screen Tablet10 inch touchscreen with pen inputUSB A and USB C. 12.8 x 2.68 x 9.2 inches10.5 hours
3. New Apple iPad Pro 2nd Generation11 inch Liquid Retina DisplayUSB C Connector10.2 x 7.44 x 1.97 inches10 hours
4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Tablet10.1 inchesNA0.3 x 5.88 x 9.65 inches 13 hours
5. New Microsoft Surface Go 2 Touchscreen Tablet10.5 inches Touchscreen with pen inputNA7.81 x 10.61 x 1.83 inches10 hours

Buyer’s Guide:

When selecting from one of the 5 best tablets for telehelath, factor in the following aspects:

Screen Size And Display Quality

When choosing a tablet, pay close attention to the screen size. Depending on the purpose of using the tablet, you can choose a tablet that comes with a small or large-sized screen. 

The tablet’s display quality should be detailed, so the graphics and images can be seen clearly on the tablet. The touchscreen should also be responsive so the users can control and work on the tablet with ease. All of the 5 best tablets for telehealth are easy to use.

Convertible Tablets

Some users are interested in buying a two in one product. To cater to their needs, some tablets come with the option of being used as a laptop. These tablets can easily be connected to an external keyboard, and the users can use them as laptops. The screens of some tablets can also take input from a stylus or a tablet pen. The choice of which tablet to choose depends on your needs and preferences.  

Connectivity Options

At times one needs to connect the tablet with other devices. If you wish to carry out file transfers, it must be connected to a laptop or a computer. Therefore, make sure that you choose a tablet that comes with multiple connectivity options. Bluetooth compatibility is another excellent feature that allows users to carry out cordless and quick data transfers. Connectivity is one of the main things to look at when considering one of the 5 best tablets for telehealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Tablet Replace A Laptop?

It depends. A tablet is a mix between a smartphone and a laptop. Most tablets come with all the features and functionalities of a laptop. Therefore, users can use a tablet in place of a laptop. However, the laptop does come with its perks. Whether or not the tablet will be able to replace your laptop depends on your needs and requirements. We would argue that any one of the 5 best tablets for telehealth would be a strong contender to replace a laptop.

Are Tablets Suitable For Gaming?

Yes. There are plenty of tablets that come with a powerful processor. Such tablets are specifically designed for gaming. Due to the touchscreen feature, tablets surely offer an amplified and extended gaming experience.  With the portability of the 5 best tablets for telehealth (which can also be used for gaming purposes), they are pretty compelling to use in many circumstances.

Can I Use A Tablet For Photography?

Although tablets do feature both front and rear-facing cameras, the camera quality is not that great. A tablet can be used for taking pictures and scanning documents, but there would be a compromise in terms of the quality of the images captured. 


If you are always on the move and carrying a laptop is difficult for you, investing in a tablet would be a great option. With a tablet, you can enjoy the perks of using a laptop within a portable device. 

Whether you are a gamer or a professional, a tablet is a device that will fulfill your needs properly. Make sure that you go through your requirements and compare the product features before purchasing a tablet, so you pick one that meets your needs perfectly. The 5 best tablets for telehealth will certainly help you professionally as well as personally. 

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