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Online reviews overview

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Online reviews—we’ve all used them, and they make or break a product or business.  But how do online reviews affect telehealthcare marketing? We know that overall, consumers trust online reviews and ratings given by other consumers, and telehealthcare is no different.  

As we said before, you can’t stop consumers from reviewing your telehealthcare organization. Trust us, it’s inevitable! So rather than just being reactive, be proactive. Work with your customer service team to be more strategic about requesting online reviews. Have processes and communications in place to request reviews after predetermined interactions with customers. For example, after a good customer service call, the rep should ask if the person wouldn’t mind providing an online review (instructions could be emailed). Or, after surgery or a hospital stay, check-in with the patient, tell them about benefits that they might want to use but may not know are available, then follow up by requesting an online review and instructing how to do so via email or mail. Also, there are quite a few third-party review sites that consumers use. xi