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Video marketing strategy

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  • What do you want to achieve through video communications and influence? More attention, enhanced image, better branding, more conversions from people who watch your videos? 
  • How about attracting and retaining more patients, clients, or customers? Would that do it for you? 
  • Your goals for video marketing should inform your strategy and your video communications channels. 
  • For example, did you know that roughly 60% of Instagram users and viewers are between 18-29 years of age? Does this match the age demographic of your preferred target audience? 
  • Your goals, as well as your target audience demographics, will also inform the topics, content, imagery, style, and even the length of your videos. 
  • If you don’t begin with strategy, you are just throwing a lot of “video spaghetti” against the Internet wall and hoping some of it sticks somehow. Not exactly putting the odds for measurable success in your favor, is it?