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Pay-per-click overview

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a way for your business to advertise at the top of search results and reach more patients looking for your practice. Telehealth advertising lets you set a budget that works for your practice and monitor your results as soon as you launch your campaign. 

Let’s look at these impactful reasons why you should consider adding PPC to your marketing plan: 

  • When you invest in PPC, you help your business appear at the top of search results. It’s valuable to show up at the top of search results because it enables you to increase brand recognition and generate high-value leads. 
  • Having a PPC ad at the top of search results puts your brand first. When users search for telemedicine services, they’ll see your practice at the top of the search results. Even if they don’t click on your ad, they’ll get exposed to your practice. 
  • Brand exposure helps drive leads back to your practice. While someone may not click the first time around, they will remember your brand and turn back to it later. PPC ads help you build brand familiarity with potential patients. 
  • Additionally, this top positioning enables you to generate more clicks, with 46% of clicks going to the top three paid ads in search results. As a result, telemedicine advertising can help your practice drive more traffic to your page.