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InsightsHow to get comments and feedback for your telehealth practice.

How to get comments and feedback for your telehealth practice.

feedback for your telehealth practice

As we all navigate a world of virtual appointments, meetings, even shopping, telehealth is becoming more of an option for people looking to visit with a doctor. The convenience and safety is something many patients are drawn to. But there’s an area that you shouldn’t forget about: getting comments and feedback for your telehealth practice. 

Why are comments and feedback for your telehealth practice important?

With the emergence of social media, we all adjusted how we communicate with businesses, especially local businesses, including healthcare practices. Getting feedback for your telehealth practice, whether on blog posts or social media pages, can help you gauge how your content is being received and what types of content are most engaging with your audience. 

Feedback for your telehealth practice sometimes be gathered from these comments, but there are also feedback forms you can add to your blog posts and online pages. These can give you more direct information about how your clients and patients feel about your services and what they would like to see in the future. 

Why a blog is so important

Once you have your business established, marketing and engaging the community is vital to bringing in more clients. An easy and cost-efficient way to do this is with a blog. 

According to a study by Roper Public Affairs, 80% of executives who are in a role that requires them to make decisions regarding their companies prefer to get their information from articles rather than ads. Additionally, HubSpot found that businesses that blog regularly create 4.5-times more leads than those who don’t. 

While a blog is just one area of your marketing to focus on, feedback on your telehealth practice can have a huge impact on how many clients you bring in. Many patients will first search their symptoms or treatments online and by providing accurate and easy-to-understand information, you can convert their interest into a new telehealth client. 

How to get engagement on your blog posts

One of the simplest ways to track engagement with your blog posts is by keeping track of the comments that are left. Not only does this give you insight into what your clients and patients think about the post, it’ll show which topics are more likely to engage your audience. 

If you find yourself wondering how you can get more comments on your posts, try asking yourself these questions:

Are you creating insightful, engaging content?

The way to get feedback for your telehealth practice is by growing your traffic. You don’t just need traffic for a day, though. You need to be looking at how to have consistent and sustainable traffic that you can count on. The way to do this on a blog is by analyzing your content and making sure that it isn’t the same old thing your audience has seen over and over. Find what makes you unique and capitalize on that in your blog content. 

Are you creating an emotional connection?

People want to be heard and to feel like they are being seen, especially by their healthcare professionals. You can accomplish this in your blog by creating an emotional connection with your readers. People will provide feedback for your telehealth practice if they feel a connection with you and feel comfortable.

Try opening up to your readers about your own health journey or maybe your experience with whichever topic you’re blogging about. You can also give them some insight into your background by giving them a short bio to tell the story of how you got into the healthcare profession. 

Are you showing you care?

If you are a telehealth professional, chances are you care about people and helping people. There may be times that you get a comment on your blog that contains a question, possibly from someone who is having a health struggle or concern. They want to feel your care and if they feel that in a response to their comment, they may be your next client for life. If they use the option to contact you privately, do your best to answer their question and give them the option of making a telehealth appointment. 

Does your website or blog need an upgrade?

This is a more technical piece of the puzzle, but one that is so important. If your audience has a tough time navigating your website, they will quickly leave and not be likely to come back. Think about the last time you visited a website and thought that was a headache to find what you wanted. Wasn’t it frustrating? Did it make you want to engage with the content more? Did you feel compelled to go back to that website? Chances are your answers are “No” across the board.

The same will be true of your website. If it has a clean appearance that is easy to use and your audience can find what they need, they’ll spend more time on your website and engage with the content more, possibly even make a telehealth appointment. 

Are you asking for comments?

You’re an expert in your healthcare field and that likely shows through in your understanding of what you’re writing about. But as knowledgeable as you are, you may be forgetting a key piece to getting the comments and engagement that you want: asking them for feedback for your telehealth practice! At the end of each blog post, ask your readers to engage with you. Ask what they think or ask leading questions. Let them know their input is valuable to you and that you want to hear from them. 

Do you encourage the sharing of ideas?

It can be tough with a telehealth practice to ask for input from your audience. You, of course, don’t want inaccurate information being shared, but you definitely want your readers to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. One way to cultivate idea sharing is by asking your readers to comment if they’ve gone through similar experiences or tried certain things for their ailments. Ask them to offer their experiences for others to learn from. You may find yourself with a large group of people who are happy to share and others who gladly welcome another patient perspective. 

Are you responding to the comments you receive?

You will quickly find that the less you respond to feedback for your telehealth practice, the less likely you are to receive them. This is an important part of engaging with your audience. Once the content is shared, you should be keeping up with the reactions to it, especially in a telehealth setting. By feeling that you are engaged and willing to interact with them, your potential clients and patients will be more likely to make a telehealth appointment with you. 

Do you share your blog posts on social media platforms?

If you don’t already, start sharing your posts on social media. Your already-dedicated patients and clients may not know to follow your blog, but it’s very possible they have found you on the popular social media platforms. By sharing your blog posts there, those who already follow you can quickly become engaged and also share your content with their friends and followers. That opens up your readership to a much wider audience than before. This feedback for your telehealth practice is important to incorporate for your social media strategy.


As you get your blog off the ground, consider spending some time asking yourself about the content you’re putting out and how you can use that content to engage your audience. Use the comments and feedback for your telehealth practice to learn more about your readers and what they want to hear from you. Use it as a platform to develop meaningful discussions and you will see your readers convert to the telehealth patients you are hoping for. 

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