How to host a telehealth webinar for your practice

host a telehealth webinar

Telehealth has gained popularity in recent years, with a sudden influx of new telehealth patients due to COVID-19. People are searching for ways to have their health needs met without needing to have in-person visits. One of the easiest ways to educate patients is to host a telehealth webinar for your practice.

The increase in the need for remote care and physicians offering telehealth services, means that it’s important for physicians to understand effective marketing techniques. With telehealth, marketing looks a little different. No one is trying to sell a new product. Instead, telehealth practices are looking to gain visibility, bring awareness of their practice, garner support, find vendors, users, and patients. 

Many practitioners have difficulty marketing their telehealth business because people don’t really pay much attention to it until they need it. Even when consumers do need care, they often don’t realize that telehealth is a real solution. That’s where you can host a telehealth webinar.

This means that marketing telehealth practices can be incredibly challenging, especially when leads are inundated with ads, influencers, emails, and more. While most marketing looks outside of the business, creating ads and newsletters to send out into the world to gain visibility, telehealth practices need to turn inwards. 

Inbound marketing is a soft marketing tactic that businesses use to gain visibility without in-your-face advertisements. Instead of creating numerous targeted ads, users of inbound marketing utilize connection-based tactics that showcase their business to their audience. 

Essentially, with inbound marketing, businesses are able to take their audience on a path that begins with visibility, opens their eyes to their potential need, and creates buy-in. Once the consumer realizes they are in need of the solution that the business provides, they are ready to become a customer. 

This is the best strategy for telehealth businesses because often their target market isn’t even aware that they will eventually have the need for not in-person medicine. 

One of the most effective marketing tools is the webinar. These virtual seminars give you the opportunity to share relevant information with your leads while building connections with them. 

When you host a telehealth webinar, you’ll be able to show your target audience why they have a need for telehealth, how telehealth will benefit them, and why your telehealth practice is the best one for them. Not only that, but webinars are personal. They give you the opportunity to personally connect with your audience, to showcase your practice, to share stories and build your brand. 

Choosing to host a telehealth webinar is a great alternative to an in-person seminar and they actually enable you to reach a wider audience. Overall, they’ll help you generate the warm leads that you need, as well as to build awareness of telehealth and of your brand in particular. Showing your audience why they need telehealth and how your business is the industry expert is possible with webinars. 

How to host a telehealth webinar

Once you understand inbound marketing and how to host a telehealth webinar, you’ll be itching to host one. They’re sure to jumpstart your practice, increase your leads, and bring you new patients. However, when you’re new to the world of webinars, it can be a little disconcerting when you first try and put one together. 

Here are the steps you need to take in order to host a telehealth webinar:

Choosing a hosting platform

You’re going to have to host a telehealth webinar somewhere, so choose a platform that is easy to use, simple for your participants, and has an overall good reputation. 

Look for platforms that make it simple for people to sign up and join your webinar, as well as ones that are optimized for mobile devices. If you don’t choose a great platform, you or your attendees will likely have a bit of trouble with some aspects of the webinar. 

Do everyone a favor and choose from the best, such as Adobe Connect and WebEx.

Choose when you will host your teelehealth platform

Choosing the right webinar time and day is important. You will want to make sure you choose the optimal time that will enable the most amount of participants to show up. 

Understanding your target market can help with choosing the best time. Pay attention to your analytics to determine where the majority of your leads are from in order to best schedule your webinar for their time zone.

Gather your equipment

You’ll want some good equipment to ensure when you host a telehealth webinar that its high-quality and everything functions well. This means you’ll want to use a headset microphone, and have backup equipment in case of malfunction. 

The last thing you want is to have technical difficulties during your webinar. With top-notch equipment and important backups, you’ll be able to make sure you have some smooth sailing. 

Share your webinar

You’re not going to have a successful webinar if you don’t have an audience, so make sure to share your webinar before it actually happens. To do this, create a landing page with information about your webinar, including speakers, topics, and other details. Make sure your landing page has a clear and simple call-to-action that enables your leads to sign up for the webinar. 

Another way to share your webinar is on your social media accounts. Talk about it, post videos and other content, and provide a link that sends your audience to your landing page. 

Make sure you send out reminders through email before the webinar takes place, as well as the link to the webinar when it’s time. 

Write, create & practice

You’ll want to take the time to write out your webinar beforehand, planning how to share your information. Be creative, unique, and engaging, while making sure to share the information you want your audience to have. 

Don’t forget that your goal is conversion. You want your audience to understand why telehealth is important and how it offers them a great solution. Make sure and take the time to practice your webinar as well. With a great deal of practice you can create a seamless presentation to offer your participants. 

Follow up

Follow up with your attendees after the webinar by emailing them to thank them for attending. You can ask for feedback, share a recording of the webinar, and keep in touch by sending coupons, offers, and other information. 

This engagement will help to build your connection and to keep you in their mind when they’re ready to use your services. Explore other articles, courses and resources at

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