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How to use influencer marketing


Influencer marketing has a long history in consumer products like cosmetics, tennis shoes, perfumes, and clothes. It’s one of the highest ROI marketing strategies, averaging an incredible $6.50 for every dollar spent. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make influencer marketing work for you…as well as some examples of brands who have successfully pulled it off. 

Decide on your marketing goals: Influencer marketing can help throughout the entire scope of the process—all the way from awareness of a health condition to diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. 

Here are just a few ways influencers grow healthcare brands: 

  • Become “the face” behind special marketing campaigns or social media initiatives.
  • Consult/comment on marketing materials to make them more effective.
  • Create content you can share on your social media platforms.
  • Endorse brands with formal testimonials (as long as they comply with the FTC).
  • Offer access to wider (and different) audiences.
  • Raise awareness about causes, health conditions, new solutions, etc. 
  • Recruit patients for surveys and focus groups.
  • Speak on panels or at events.

Find the right influencers: Once you’ve decided on your marketing goals, it’s time to find the best influencers to achieve them. Who qualifies as an “influencer” anyway? Celebrities and other public figures come to mind immediately, but the label is much broader. 

Influencers can include: 

  • Public figures – Celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc. 
  • Qualified peers – These are “normal people” who have experienced the same health issues as your audience. Their insights make them someone to listen to, relate to, and trust. 
  • Subject matter experts – Providers, scientists, and healthcare organizations.