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What is influencer marketing?


In simplest terms, influencer marketing is promoting something through people with the ability to shape the perception of your brand. These people are called influencers. x

A host of factors make healthcare a great fit for influencer marketing.  

  • First, traditionally paid advertisements aren’t as cost-effective as they used to be. The average person is exposed to thousands of promotional messages every day. We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing them that we are starting to tune them out subconsciously—a phenomenon called banner blindness. 
  • This overwhelming, cutthroat competition for limited attention, as well as audience skepticism, is driving healthcare marketers to reconsider their tactics. Paid ads still have a place, but only within the context of what audiences are truly looking for: building relationships. 
  • Audiences are already connecting with healthcare influencers and participating in virtual communities online. Influencer marketing simply introduces the conversation on those platforms. 
  • With something as critical as health, credibility is everything. Influencers, who have earned their audiences’ trust, come across as more believable than even the most polished message from a healthcare brand. 
  • Finally, the internet has changed the way people are managing their health. A wealth of information and reviews about symptoms, providers, and treatment options have empowered them to become equal partners in the process. These research stages are great opportunities to communicate with influencers.