Kansas Medicaid Telehealth Reimbursement

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Kansas Medicaid covers live video telemedicine for certain services. Additionally, they also cover remote patient monitoring that is in real-time through home health agencies and with prior authorization.

“Telemedicine is the use of communication equipment to link health care practitioners and patients in different locations. This technology is used by health care providers for many reasons, including increased cost efficiency, reduced transportation expenses, improved patient access to specialists and mental health providers, improved quality of care, and better communication among providers.”

Live Video
Kansas Medicaid will reimburse for live video for certain services

Eligible Services/Specialties
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Eligible Providers
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Eligible Sites
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Geographic Limits
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Facility/Transmission Fee
The originating site may bill code Q3014 for the originating site fee with the appropriate POS code.

Kansas Medicaid requires the patient to be present at the originating site indicating store-and-forward will not be reimbursed.

Eligible Services/Specialties
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Geographic Limits
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Transmission Fee
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Remote Patient Monitoring
Kansas Medicaid will reimburse for home telehealth.

Providers may use codes 99600-99602, G0156, S0316, T1004, T1023, T1030 and T1031 for the provision of telehealth visits to provide long-term care home health services and to assist beneficiaries in managing their diabetes.

Provider Limitations
Home Telehealth services must be provided by a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. Agencies may bill skilled nursing services on the same date of service as telehealth services.

Other Restrictions
Providers must submit literature to the fiscal agent’s Provider Enrollment team pertaining to the telecommunication equipment the agency has chosen that will allow thorough physical assessments such as: assessment of edema, rashes, bruising, skin conditions, and other significant changes in health status.

No reimbursement for email.
No reimbursement for telephone.
No reimbursement for FAX.

Signed beneficiary consent for telehealth home services is required.

Out of State Providers
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The Department of Health and Environment is required to prepare an impact report that assesses the financial and social effects of Kansas Medicaid’s coverage of speech-language pathology and audiology services via telemedicine on or before January 13, 2020.