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mHealth trends

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The latest trends in mHealth include: 

  • Emergency response systems 
  • Home-based remote patient monitoring 
  • Human resources coordination, management, and supervision 
  • Mobile synchronous (voice) and asynchronous (SMS) diagnostic and decision support for remote clinicians 
  • Point-of-care clinician support which includes an evidence-based formulary, as well as database and decision-support information 
  • Pharmaceutical supply chain integrity 
  • Patient safety systems 
  • Remote monitoring and clinical care 
  • Health extension services 
  • Health services monitoring and reporting 
  • Health-related mLearning for the general public 
  • Training and continuing professional development for healthcare workers 
  • Health promotion and community mobilization 
  • Support for chronic care management such as diabetes, asthma, and cancer 
  • Peer-to-peer personal health management for telemedicine