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Wearability is not only the most subjective issue but perhaps the biggest issue to RPM device adoption, especially in longer-term or continuous applications. Simply put, if the patient doesn’t wear it, it won’t work. Wearability has to do with comfort and convenience.  A comfortable device that is difficult to operate will not succeed. Conversely, a simple device that is uncomfortable to wear will fail. 

Today, if you need to be diagnosed for certain types of arrhythmia, you may be prescribed a bulky monitor to wear for a couple of days to track your heart rhythm. This gives providers a snapshot of your condition, but may not capture all the data they need. If providers were able to see patterns over an extended period, a more rapid and accurate diagnosis can be performed. With a new class of continuous cardiac monitors such as wearable patches, data can be tracked 24-hours a day over extended periods.