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E-consult example requirements


Step 1:  Identify the specialty area of the e-consult request.  

Step 2:  Define the primary reason for the e-consult:  

  • Is the current assessment and/or approach correct?  
  • What other/ongoing diagnostics should be considered?  
  • Should other treatment/management options be considered?  
  • Should the patient be seen?  
  • Is the patient a candidate for a research study?   

Step 3:  Create a one-page clinical summary (first page of the e-consult submission). This does not need to be a new clinical summary.  The summary can be the most recent clinical note in your EMR, as long as the following components are included.  

  • Primary reason for request  
  • The specific question being asked  
  • Chief complaint  
  • History of illness 

Step 4:  Provide additional supporting information to accompany the one-page clinical summary.

  • Clinical notes  
  • Lab reports 
  • Imaging  
  • Pathology 
  • Other relevant information