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Additional components


Microphone: Most mobile devices and computers will have a built-in microphone that should work fine. If the patient’s device does not have one, they’ll need to find a separate microphone. Luckily, there are tons of inexpensive options. 

External camera:  Like with microphones, many devices now already have an integrated camera. However, if the patient is using a desktop computer or older laptop, they might not have a built-in webcam.  

Web camera:  Another important piece of equipment for video conferencing is a web camera. The majority of modern PCs have their embedded web cameras. However, they don’t ensure reliable quality. 

Headset: A video conference is a two-way interaction between the speakers and the audience. To find out your audience’s queries you need an appropriate device; a headset that will allow you to hear people during the transmission. There are great modern models that include both headset and microphone.

Speakerphone: The speakerphone is a piece of equipment for web conferencing. It consists of several multi-directional microphones, loudspeakers, a system of noise and echo cancellation, as well as external interfaces. It’s really a very useful gadget for web conferencing, especially if there are several speakers. It’s possible to regulate the sound and even to switch it for different speakers. Receiving and sending the data is done simultaneously ensuring a high level of efficiency during the web conference. Speakerphones also allow recording of the speech. Another advantage is that speakerphones can be connected to a chain giving more people a chance to speak during the conference. As more loudspeakers, microphones, and echo cancelers are included in speakerphones, the more qualitative and versatile it is. All equipment for conferencing ensures a better and much more stable quality if they are connected to the PC via USB. 

Even such seemingly minor details like a web camera, microphone, or headset may define the outcome of your video conference. So, it is worth to spare no effort, time, or finances for decent technical characteristics of your conferencing in order to make it effective and profitable.iv