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Provider-patient relationship


The ethical rule set by the ethicist Edmund Pellegrino attributes three components to the provider-patient relationship: 

  • A patient who is sick and needs help
  • A provider who feels responsible for helping the patient
  • Medical action/application of medical science

Here, the patient is supposed to voluntarily refer to a provider whom he or she trusts. Processing the decision making is supposed to be a mutual act which requires both provider’s and patient’s decision. On the other hand, the provider is expected to respect the patient’s decisions and independence. As a consequence, both the provider and patient are mutually communicating to think of the right therapy. Edmund Pellegrino’s ethical rule narrows down the provider-patient relationship: 

  • Patient’s respect for the provider’s comments
  • Provider’s respect for the patient’s choice of therapy
  • The use of telemedicine devices cuts down on this relationship. Besides, to abide by ethical rules, the provider is expected to obtain a patient’s informed consent